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  • Eco-friendly Glass Blowing in Mauritius

    While in Mauritius, Spring 2015 voyagers visited the Mauritius Glass Gallery, where they learned about environmentally sustainable glass blowing techniques and got to try their hand at creating blown glass […]

  • Momentos Inolvidables: ¿Por qué Semestre en Mar?

    In this video by Spring 2015 student Oswaldo Chavez, international students on the MV Explorer share their experiences of the Spring 2015 voyage, how Semester at Sea is changing their […]

  • Novication Ceremony

    Spring 2015 voyagers got the chance to witness a Novication Ceremony while in Burma (Myanmar) in which children are initiated as novice monks in the Therevada Buddhist monastic tradition. Student […]

  • Marine Biology In Shanghai and Hong Kong

    During the Marine Biology, section one, field lab in Shanghai, students visited The Tongchuan Lu Fish Market, “to survey and document the marine plants and live animals for sale, with […]

  • Discovering Eastern Religious Practices at Kamakura

    And whoso will, from Pride released Contemning neither creed nor priest, May feel the Soul of all the East About him at Kamakura. -Rudyard Kipling, Buddha at Kamakura (1892) Students […]

  • Kobe Beef: A Case Study in Consumer Behavior

    What gives Kobe beef its unique flavor? It’s said that the cattle are fattened up with beer and given daily massages to keep their meat tender. Students on the Spring […]

  • Crossing the International Date Line: "Welcome to the Future"

    As the MV Explorer crosses the international date line, jumping one day forward in time, the children of faculty and staff members traveling on the Spring 2015 voyage take the opportunity […]

  • Exploring Endangered Languages in Hawaii

    Spring 2015 SAS students enrolled in Anthropology 2430 – Languages of the World pay a visit to the University of Hawaii at Hilo where they learn about the University’s efforts to preserve and […]

  • 7 Unforgettable Moments for New Voyagers

    Sailing on a ship is an exciting experience, but when you sail for the first time on Semester at Sea, every moment is unforgettable. Before making landfall in St. Petersburg, […]

  • Irish "Trad" Music

    The field program “Roots of Irish Music,” led by Professor Kathleen Adams, brought a cross-section of the Summer 2014 Semester at Sea community to Ennis, in County Clare, Ireland.  In […]

  • Ghana & TOMS: An Opportunity to Give Back

    While on a Semester at Sea field program voyagers had an opportunity to get a rich taste of Ghanian culture and traditions. In addition to traveling to the cities of […]

  • Khayelitsha Township – Crafting Empowerment

    During a field program students visited Khayelitsha, South Africa’s fastest growing township, to get a glimpse of Social Entrepreneurship in action. In addition to visiting the Khayelitsha Craft Market, where […]

  • Myanmar: Student Reflections

    After every port, students gather in the union to reflect and share their experiences. Set to a montage of images captured throughout the country, Camila Ruiz Segovia (gap year student), […]

  • Bagan, Myanmar – The Poetry of a Moment

    A Semester at Sea program to Bagan, Myanmar, gave students the opportunity to explore this ancient city adorned with thousands of Buddhist pagodas, temples and stupas. Join William Desena, a […]

  • Here's to the Next 50

    Over the past fifty years, Semester at Sea has changed the face of global education, visiting over 60 countries while touching the lives of more than 60,000 alumni from 1,700 […]

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