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  • Cooking Portuguese Cuisine

    During a recent field trip to Lisbon, participants had a chance to get in touch with their inner Julia Child while participating in a cooking workshop designed to introduce the […]

  • Gibraltar: Defense from Within

    The Summer 2013 Voyage has finally come full circle. After sailing around the Mediterranean Sea, the MV Explorer is face to face with the great Rock of Gibraltar, once again. […]

  • Music in Malta: Sounds of Għana

    On Sundays, simple strokes on a handmade guitar echo loudly from local establishments on the island of Malta. A high-pitched voice penetrates the walls with deep-rooted traditional poetry that transports […]

  • Photographing Lucca in Focus

    When does a photograph become more than just a tourist snapshot? As travelers, we always try to take a picture of the perfect sunset or the beautiful landscapes and often […]

  • Experiencing the Cretan Lifestyle

    The essence of any culture is the sounds, tastes and traditions passed on from generation to generation. In Crete, the largest of all the Greek islands, the culture is rich […]

  • Reconstructing Perge in the Field

    Archaeological excavations in the past seven decades at Perge have revealed an ancient Greek city filled with artifacts and statues dating back to the Bronze Age. Today, visitors can marvel […]

  • A Journey to the Berber Villages of Morocco

    Throughout history, the pre-Arab Berber culture survived in many parts of North Africa for thousands of years. Today, a majority of Berber villages can be found in Morocco, deep in […]

  • "A Letter Home" an Original Poem by Paul Muldoon

    One of the bittersweet moments for any Semester at Sea parent is saying goodbye to their son or daughter on embarkation day. A letter home, whether by post or email, […]

  • Luke Jones Says to "Get out into the World" at Unreasonable Barcelona

    Semester at Sea Chief of Staff Luke Jones tells the audience at Unreasonable Barcelona that we need more people to “Get out into the world.”  Luke speaks on the changing […]

  • Music as Culture

    As Professor Daniel Ferguson explains, all humans have a strong emotional response to certain types of music; it is one of the things that differentiates us from other species.  In […]

  • Semester at Sea Featured During 2013 Clinton Global Initiative University

    President Clinton launched the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI-U) in 2007 to engage the next generation of leaders on college campuses around the world.  As a member of CGI-U, Semester at […]

  • Student Story: Spring 2013 Sea Olympics

    What does it feel like to participate in the Sea Olympics?  In this immersive look at the day, student Jordan Mancuso of Ithaca College strings together first-person footage taken by […]

  • Design Thinking and the Future of Education

    How do you foster creativity and innovation in students?  George Kembel, Founder and Executive Director of the world-renown Stanford, explains how the best way to encourage creativity is to give students […]

  • How Do We "Really" Change the World?

    How do you “really” change the world?  Many students know they want to make a positive difference, but aren’t quite sure where to begin.  This panel featuring Archbishop Desmond Tutu, […]

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