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  • Getting Your Sea Legs

    The MV Explorer is already a floating campus, so why not become a floating research university as well? Semester at Sea invited a top-notch team of researchers from around the […]

  • Student Service at the City of Refuge

    Semester at Sea students visited the City of Refuge home in Tema, Ghana last week. Since 2007, the home has provided a safe space for children victimized by trafficking and […]

  • Exploring Champagne Reef

    The MV Explorer made a brief stop in Dominica last week, offering students 22 field programs in a short span of 2 days. Watch this video of students exploring the […]

  • Semester at Sea LipDub Ship Tour

    Ever wonder what the MV Explorer looks like? Ever wonder just what it is that makes the Semester at Sea program so special? This video answers both of those questions and does it with more than just a tip of the cap to the principles of global citizenship and exploration that our students come to embrace over the course of a voyage.

  • Top Ten Tuesday – Thanksgiving

    The shipboard community tells us ten things they’re thankful for now that they’ve sailed (almost) all the way around the world.

  • Hike the Great Wall of China in 3 minutes

    Never hiked the Great Wall of China before? Follow along with students from the Fall 2011 voyage of Semester at Sea for this fast-paced journey along one of man’s most amazing accomplishments.

  • Finding home in Viet Nam and Cambodia

    Students reflect on the beauty, food, people, experience and culture they found in Viet Nam and Cambodia during the Fall 2011 Voyage of Semester at Sea.

  • Video: Malaysia

    In this video Matt Kottenstette talks about his desire to someday return to Malaysia. His Semester at Sea experience has taken him from Morocco to Ghana to South Africa, Mauritius, India and now beyond. But it was in Malaysia that these experiences began to not only stand on their own, but form a continuum for Matt. He’s learned from the progression of cultures he’s encountered and recognizes so many more within the people of Malaysia.

  • Student Video: Eyes on the World

    Like many of us, Alanah Rodriguez Aleman is no stranger to hearing her mother remind her to keep her eyes open. Looking beyond the literal translation of those admonishments, she interprets it through the lens of a global Semester at Sea voyage instead. Alannah is a student on the Fall 2011 voyage.

  • Student Video: The World's Children

    Semester at Sea alumnus and founder of Pencils of Promise Adam Braun joined the Fall 2011 Semester at Sea voyage from Morocco to Ghana. He shared many stories and experiences with the shipboard community while he was there, and one in particular struck a chord with Rebecca Dickinson.

  • Video: Top Ten Tuesday – India

    Ten students from the Fall 2011 voyage manage to encapsulate the entirety of the experience in India. This video is an excellent example of what can be discovered and appreciated in a single country over the course of an entire voyage.

  • Cultural exchange through theater

    At the heart of the Semester at Sea experience is the reciprocity that comes from actually meeting the people in each country as opposed to seeing them as tourists. These are the paraphrased words of Professor Michael Williams who is teaching theater classes aboard the MV Explorer for the Fall 2011 Voyage. This piece drives right to the heart of that sentiment and is a lasting answer to the question, “Why Semester at Sea?”

  • Bearing Witness: Slavery in Ghana

    Follow along with participants of the Fall 2011 Voyage as they visit a school and orphanage for the beautiful children of Ghana, as well as the slave castles and walk the very halls so many were unable to escape.

  • Join Former Poet Laureate Rita Dove on December 2011 Enrichment Voyage

    This December’s voyage will feature Rita Dove as one of its keynote speakers. Presently, she is a professor at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Va. where she lives with her husband.

  • Video: The people of Morocco's High Atlas Mountains

    Students and lifelong learners spent 2 days in the Berber Village of Ait Hamed, but to hear and see the experience, it was as if they had been there for years.

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