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  • Forum on Global Engagement: Po Chung

    As a featured speaker at our Forum on Global Engagement, Mr. Chung spoke about The Management Cultural Divide between the US and China.

  • Our Floating Academical Village

    Thomas Jefferson’s ideal educational setting was summed up by his use of the phrase “Academical Village”. He saw value in professors and students living and working in close proximity to each other because he knew that learning could extend well beyond the classroom to spontaneous conversations and daily interaction.

  • Forum on Global Engagement: David Coleman

    David Coleman is the director of the Presidential Recordings Program at the Miller Center. He addressed the 2011 Forum on Global Engagement and played excerpts from the White House tapes during his discussion about U.S.-China relations.

  • Forum on Global Engagement: Jim McNerney's keynote address

    Boeing CEO, Jim McNerney, opened the 2011 Forum on Global Engagement with a broad discussion of the business and political relationship between the United States and China.

  • Slideshow: Taking in Istanbul

    Like a movie that reveals new details every time you watch it, Istanbul is a city that can surprise you with something different every time you’re there. But the elements created by the people, the pace of life, the exotic markets, and the history are always ready to amaze you.

  • Video: Cappadocia by hot air balloon

    Students enjoy a different perspective of the unique rock formations and fertile valleys of Cappadocia.

  • Video: Service Learning at Karin Dom

    In every port, there are many opportunities for students to explore new cultures beyond simply visiting tourist attractions. As one of our students said, “Seeing sights is great, but the best way to experience a culture and meet people is through service work and volunteering.”

  • Slideshow: Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy in Bulgaria

    During this two-day trip to Sofia, Bulgaria, ten students and a group of staff members were able to stay in the homes of US Embassy officials and staff for a rare glimpse into the life of US diplomatic personnel.

  • Video: the Global Citizenship of Sea Turtles

    Sea turtles face many of the same dangers in the Mediterranean that they face here in the U.S., and our students are delighted to have the opportunity to spend time volunteering at a rescue facility in Athens.

  • Slideshow: Why does Semester at Sea go to Greece?

    The contributions to modern government, the arts, and even engineering at the height of Greek civilization are undeniable, but even more so once you’ve seen the legacy they left behind for yourself.

  • Video: Bosphorus

    People say it’s the chance encounters that stay with you after your Semester at Sea voyage. This one ranks right up there.

  • Video: Dubrovnik, Croatia – Desa

    Desa (prounounced: De-sha) is an NGO founded in 1993 as a way to help women provide for families in war-town Croatia. When the war ended, the mission evolved to help women emerge from the struggle and find a path to the future.

  • Video: Supply and Demand for Education

    Economics students aboard the MV Explorer take what they learn from classroom discussions about supply and demand, as well as international marketing and trade, out to a real world business to get a feel for how the principles are applied.

  • Slideshow: Herculaneum and Vesuvius

    Students on the Summer 2011 voyage of Semester at Sea explored Herculaneum and Vesuvius. The destination was chosen in part to raise awareness of the work still to be done to preserve the ruins of Herculaneum.

  • Video: From Galley to Plate – the food of Semester at Sea

    Feeding the entire shipboard community on a Semester at Sea voyage is no small task. Go behind the scenes and behind the buffet line to meet the chef and see his staff at work as they prepare hot, fresh, and delicious meals for everyone onboard.

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