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Vicarious Voyage

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Explore what’s happening in the classroom and at sea with the Vicarious Voyage program, and live vicariously through the eyes of our voyagers!

Where In The World Is Ellie Geller?

“I am corresponding with Mrs. Murphy’s and Mrs. Steingruebner’s 3rd grade classrooms from Baldwin, New York, a school district I am connected to through my mother and the district’s Superintendent, Dr. Shari Camhi-Geller. I wrote my first letter to Mrs. Murphy and Mrs. Steingruebner’s classes after Japan, in which I wrote about the differences and similarities between the cities I visited, as well as the various Japanese customs I observed while in port. While in China, I had the opportunity to speak with the students on the telephone and could feel their excitement as they showered me with questions about Japanese and Chinese culture. The students’ energy was infectious, and it was evident how excited they were to speak with someone half-way across the world.” Read more here.

Vicariously Seeing the World

“Who will be our next generation of voyagers? And what can we do to get them excited about seeing the world?

Over 70 classrooms of all grades across the United States were paired with community members aboard the Fall 2014 Voyage to follow their journey each step of the way. Their mission was to give younger students a deeper look at a variety of cultures and open their eyes to new experiences and opportunities. Voyagers would touch base with their partner classes through emails, typically after each port visit. Many shared notes of experiences, both big and small, that would help paint a realistic picture of what it is like to live and travel in these countries.” Read more here.

Keep a Lookout


There will be more stories to come with our Spring 2019 voyage. View the itinerary here.