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Vicarious Voyage


A partnership with the Vicarious Voyage program will provide your students the opportunity to vicariously sail around the world through the eyes of a Semester at Sea voyager. Your students will learn about your voyager’s experience with diverse cultures and geography as you follow the  ship around the world.

Program Benefits:

  • A National Geographic world map to display in your classroom to follow your voyager around the world!
  • Emails (including photos) from your voyager partner describing their experience in each port.

Mutual Partnership:

A partnership is a two way street. Your assigned voyager will expect you and your class to write them as much as they write you. Dedicate time to communicate with your voyager regularly to maintain a successful partnership.

Enrollment Information

If you are a K-12 classroom teacher and would like a personalized partnership for the semester with a voyager on board our floating campus, the MV World Odyssey, you can enroll below to be partnered for the upcoming voyage.

By enrolling, you will be part of a community of teachers who have participated in Vicarious Voyage every year since its inception in 1991. Included in those ranks is an impressive number of Semester at Sea alumni who recognize the inherent value of the Vicarious Voyage program and inspiring a greater understanding of the world for K-12 students. Vicarious Voyage allows your students to become students of the world.

To enroll your classroom for the Fall 2019 and/or Spring 2020 Voyage, please complete the following form.

Vicarious Voyage Teacher Enrollment

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need to communicate to my voyager?

Correspondence between you and your voyager is vital to your relationship. Your voyager is required to write you and your class at minimum after each port. If you intend to communicate between ports, you need to discuss this with your voyager early-on as an expectation. Please keep in mind that voyagers are very restricted with their time while in the program and there may be a delay in responding to your questions

How do I communicate? Is video calling possible?

You will be given your voyager’s Semester at Sea email address and should use this as the primary way to communicate, unless otherwise advised by your partner.

Video calling (Skype, FaceTime, etc.) is not possible on the ship because of limited bandwidth. Some voyagers have sent brief videos from their phones or otherwise while off the ship in port; however, this is not required and may not be possible with your partner.

What should I say in my communication to my voyager?

The purpose of the Vicarious Voyage Program is to enhance your curriculum in a way that introduces your students to the world. Therefore, we suggest that you discuss with your partner at the beginning of the voyage what content your correspondence should focus around. For instance, you may simply want your partner to share their experience like a pen pal, or you may prefer that they focus on one aspect specifically (art, building structure, history of the area) as much as possible. Any focus for the semester is yours to define. Sharing a focus early on in the semester will ensure a successful partnership.