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Voyage Blog: Fall 2014

  • Students Gain Insight into Current World Health Issues

    With West Africa top of mind for many Fall 2014 voyagers, students got a unique experience to hear from someone who has served in an infected region. Responding to a second […]

  • Climbing Bray Head

    Geocaching the Way to Bray

    Five students of the Fall 2014 Semester at Sea voyage took time out from exploring Dublin, Ireland to seek hidden treasures in the coastal village of Bray.  As members of […]

  • A Student Perspective: Dublin Days

    It sometimes seems that no matter how much you try to plan, the best adventures are the ones that happen unexpectedly. The museums, cathedrals, and landscapes I’ve seen thus far […]

  • Racing Through Ireland

    Racing through countries is not a concept new to voyagers, but actually racing in the country was a first for 23 members of the Fall 2014 shipboard community. Setting out […]

  • Inspired to Serve at Omaha Beach

    Meet Ryan Frazier, a student at the University of Colorado Boulder. Ryan is also a student on the Fall 2014 voyage and currently an officer candidate for the United States […]

  • Different Paths, One Destination

    With students from around the world, it would be hard to find two with the same exact story. For some their Semester at Sea voyage was a right of passage, […]

  • Heritage Travelers: Hiding in Belgium

    With many on board having strong European familial ties, the Fall 2014 faculty and students had the unique opportunity to trace their origins throughout their Atlantic Voyage. With the ship […]

  • Walking Through Monet's Masterpiece

    Traveling the western coast of France, inspirations for impressionist paintings were not hard to come by. With voyagers venturing into Honfleur, Fécamp, Étretat, and even their port city of Le […]

  • Rotterdam: A Child in the City

    In 2006, a “Focus on Children” report deemed Rotterdam as the least attractive city to raise a family in The Netherlands. As families began to move away from residential areas, […]

  • At Home with the Belloir Family

    Homestay: My New French Family

    Nineteen participants from the Fall 2014 voyage took part in a family homestay in the town of Saint-Malo, France.  Nearly 1,500 years old, Saint-Malo has a colorful history. Students had […]

  • International Law: Justice for Yugoslavia

    Crimes against humanity. Mass Murder. Genocide. These topics could wake up any 9:00am class. With 14 countries already on their schedule, the International Law class added just one more region […]

  • NGO Peace Village: Small People, Big Impact

    Whenever children from developing nations are brought into more established countries, empathetic individuals want to jump in and help. But consider what version of “help” is best for them. Questions […]

  • Maeslantkering

    Understanding Great Structures: Dutch Delta Works

    Fall 2014 students enrolled in the course Understanding Great Structures ventured out from the MV Explorer, which had made port in Antwerp, Belgium, to the Netherlands to increase their understanding […]

  • Discovering a Passion for Media

    While visiting Hamburg, Germany, students in Professor Margaret D’Silva’s Global Media class left the classroom and had a chance to explore TIDE, a community television and radio station at the […]

  • Energy for the World

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