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Voyage Blog: Fall 2015

  • Planting Sustainability with IMPACT in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica has become famous for its successful conservation efforts and its ability to seamlessly fold conservation into a thriving tourism industry. Costa Rica hosts 2.5 million tourists annually. Of […]

  • Adventures in the Amazon

    There are still a few places on earth that hold mystery and adventure in their veins. They whisper danger and untamed wildness and breathe fantastical vistas and hidden cities into […]

  • Student Perspective: IMPACT Matelot Service Learning

    Story and Photos by Fall 2015 IMPACT Scholar, Hannah Ingersoll My Thanksgiving was spent in an island country called Trinidad and Tobago, just off the coast of Venezuela. We were […]

  • 10 Reasons You Should Study Abroad with Semester at Sea

    College is one of the most important times in your life, and a study abroad semester can be the icing on the cake. Nearly 300,000 US students and more than […]

  • Grassroots grow deep in Salvador, Brazil

    Brazil is a land of extremes. Powered by the mighty Amazon River, whose shores rise and fall 20 meters each year with the seasons, those highs and lows are mirrored […]

  • SAS Fall 2015 Voyage Digest: Dec 1 – 14

    As the Fall 2015 Voyage comes to its final week at sea, students, faculty, staff, and crew are enjoying their last days together onboard the MV World Odyssey. Don’t miss […]

  • Becoming a Global Citizen Week by Week

    Each year, nearly 300,000 US students choose to study abroad, and reports show that number to be increasing. They’re just catching on to what more than 750,000 international students who […]

  • SAS Fall 2015 Voyage Digest: Nov 18-30

    As the Fall 2105 Voyage heads toward its last port of call, life on the MV World Odyssey only gets busier. Between classes and talent shows and extended family dinners, […]

  • Extended Families Bridge More Than Just a Generational Gap

    The living-learning Semester at Sea community aboard the MV World Odyssey is a unique experience. It’s a melting pot of more than 500 students from over 30 countries, with a […]

  • Student Perspective: Pollywogs and Shellbacks

    Story by Fall 2015 Voyage student Kiaja Thomas Look up Semester at Sea on YouTube and you’ll find student-made videos of college students documenting their travels around the world with […]

  • SAS Fall 2015 Voyage Digest: Nov 17-23

    Whether our voyagers are hiking into the Amazon or are exploring the Old Town of Salvador, you can always count on the SAS Digest to help you stay up to […]

  • Training Leaders in the Fight Against Malaria

    Each year, 198 million people contract malaria worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. 90% of those cases occur in Africa, and most of the affected are children. Malaria costs […]

  • Sparking a Global Discussion on Electricity

    As the MV World Odyssey sailed away from the coast of Africa at the start of November, its lights cast a strong glow over the waters of the Atlantic. Although […]

  • SAS Fall 2015 Voyage Digest: Nov 10 – 16

    The MV World Odyssey has been docked in Salvador, Brazil, for the last six days. Faculty, staff, students and crew have been learning about Brazil through riverboat excursions on the […]

  • Learning to Serve in Casablanca

    When the word “Casablanca” is mentioned, most Americans immediately conjure the iconic image of Humphrey Bogart holding Ingrid Bergman’s chin and saying “Here’s looking at you, kid.” While a perfect […]

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