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Voyage Blog: Spring 2013

  • Student Photo Gallery: Morocco

    There is an allure to Morocco. Perhaps it is the beautiful Moorish designs in its buildings and mosaic tiles that add a splash of color to the cities, or the […]

  • Luke Jones Says to "Get out into the World" at Unreasonable Barcelona

    Semester at Sea Chief of Staff Luke Jones tells the audience at Unreasonable Barcelona that we need more people to “Get out into the world.”  Luke speaks on the changing […]

  • A Final Farewell to the Spring 2013 Voyage

    I didn’t want to step off the gangway. I didn’t want to admit that our 106 days at sea were over. Anyone who has ever sailed on Semester at Sea […]

  • Daniel Epstein: Reflections on our Unreasonable Experiment

    The following is a personal reflection by Daniel Epstein, founder and director of Unreasonable at Sea…   As I reflect on the voyage and on this journey around the world, […]

  • Exploring Religion in Morocco

    Students in Professor Joe Laycock’s Religions of the World class had a unique opportunity while in Morocco to explore and compare the three Abrahamic religions (Islam, Christianity, and Judaism). During […]

  • Poetry from the Voyage

    A selection of poetry inspired by the Spring 2013 Voyage… Like the Waves by Cassidy Artz, Northwestern University Like the waves casting away from the shore, We left our homes, […]

  • Kids Drawings from the Spring 2013 Voyage

    What has this ’round-the-world adventure been like for our youngest voyagers? A few of the children who have been part of our Spring 2013 family share their memories and perspectives […]

  • A Surprising Legacy of Friendship

    I can vividly remember nights as a child when my younger brother and I would stay up late looking at my dad’s Semester at Sea pictures as his slide projector […]

  • Living with a Ghanaian Family: A Student Perspective

    A persistent rooster calls me to wake up from outside my window. It is 5:30 am. I lay in bed for several minutes, my weight dents the thin mattress and […]

  • Music as Culture

    As Professor Daniel Ferguson explains, all humans have a strong emotional response to certain types of music; it is one of the things that differentiates us from other species.  In […]

  • Student Photo Gallery: Ghana

    At about the size of the state of Minnesota, Ghana is the third smallest country on the Spring 2013 Voyage itinerary.  Yet for many students, this West African country may […]

  • Meet Some of Our International Students!

    The Spring 2013 voyage is not only filled with unique opportunities for global exchange while offthe ship, but also while on-board thanks to the fifty-four international students who are part […]

  • Student Story: Spring 2013 Sea Olympics

    What does it feel like to participate in the Sea Olympics?  In this immersive look at the day, student Jordan Mancuso of Ithaca College strings together first-person footage taken by […]

  • Sailing Around the World with our Kids: A Mother's Perspective on Global Education

    When my husband was asked to serve as a faculty member on the Spring 2013 voyage, my five kids were the first thing on my mind. What would Semester at […]

  • Design Thinking and the Future of Education

    How do you foster creativity and innovation in students?  George Kembel, Founder and Executive Director of the world-renown Stanford, explains how the best way to encourage creativity is to give students […]

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