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Voyage Blog: Spring 2013

  • Coming Home with SAS: Reflections of a South African Student

    Mariechen Puchert is a 5th-Year Medical Student from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. Archbishop Desmond Tutu was one of the first two political names I learned when I […]

  • Souls of the Ship – Spring 2013 72-Hour Film Festival Winner

    A beautiful story about connections spanning generations aboard the MV Explorer, Souls of the Ship was voted Best Film during Semester at Sea's Unreasonable 72-Hour Film Festival.  In this unique challenge, […]

  • Witnessing Student Compassion in a South African Township

    I knew the students in Professor Joan Strouse’s Globalization and Social Responsibility course were curious and engaged, but it wasn’t until I watched them interact with a local community in […]

  • Student Photo Gallery: South Africa

    As Archbishop Desmond Tutu described to the shipboard community, South Africa is one of the most beautiful yet unequal countries in the world.  From the top of Table Mountain to […]

  • How Do We "Really" Change the World?

    How do you “really” change the world?  Many students know they want to make a positive difference, but aren’t quite sure where to begin.  This panel featuring Archbishop Desmond Tutu, […]

  • My Unreasonable Journey

    By Claire Sutton, Boston University January 12, 2013, approx. 14:30: Location: Student Union Class Subject: Sustainable Global Entrepreneurship The Scene: Daniel Epstein, founder of the Unreasonable Institute, taps his mic […]

  • Student Photo Gallery: Mauritius

    Though we were only in Mauritius for one day, students were quickly able to reach all corners of this tiny country in the middle of the Indian Ocean.  Predominantly French-speaking […]

  • Learning by Observing: A Student Perspective

    Before January 9th, the salinity or temperature of an ocean never seemed to interest me.  I could care less about the barometric pressure or wind direction at any given moment.  […]

  • The Spring 2013 Sea Olympics!

    With endless team spirit, top-notch competitors, and some hilarious antics, the Spring 2013 Sea Olympics did not disappoint. The various “Seas” (residence groups living on the same hall) joined together […]

  • Staying Fit in the Middle of the Ocean

    By Alyssa Fishman, Boston University When we boarded the MV Explorer in January— many of us arriving with New Year resolutions to get in shape still fresh in our minds— […]

  • Archbishop Desmond Tutu on the Inequities of South Africa

    “South Africa is a beautiful land.  It can become a paradise for all of us.  Please come to South Africa.” –  Archbishop Desmond Tutu addressing the shipboard community. As he […]

  • Elephant vs Dragon

    In many crucial respects, India and China are very similar: they have land size, population, even colonial experience.  However, China is now the world's second largest economy, while India lags […]

  • Notes from the Field

    How do we reflect on the people, places, and cultures we're encountering on our journey around the world? What touches us? What surprises us? What new insights do we uncover? […]

  • Student Photo Gallery: India

    With a population of over 1 billion people, India is the second most populous country in the world, with a diversity of cultures and richness in history that makes it […]

  • Photo Gallery: Neptune Day

    In a time-honored maritime tradition, the shipboard community celebrated Neptune Day as we crossed the Equator for the first time. Uninitiated “Pollywogs” completed a series of ceremonial rites of passage […]

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