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Voyage Blog: Spring 2014

  • Photo Gallery: Sacred River & Stunning Monuments

    On a multi-day field program, voyagers traveled far from the port city of Kochi to visit the chaos of Varanasi and the impressive monuments of Agra. From viewing commonplace activities such […]

  • Student Photo Gallery: India

    India. The land of tea and spices, natural beauty, and man-made splendor. Our students fanned out far and wide across the sub-continent to explore the hustle and bustle of Delhi, […]

  • Myanmar: Student Reflections

    After every port, students gather in the union to reflect and share their experiences. Set to a montage of images captured throughout the country, Camila Ruiz Segovia (gap year student), […]

  • A Visit to the World Bank in Yangon

    As economics students we are constantly learning about how development should work on paper. Immersed in our theories and models, we are never really given the opportunity to see first-hand […]

  • Student Research: Linking SAS and STEM

    While Semester at Sea is open to all majors and universities, many may be surprised at how the SAS program and STEM fields – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – […]

  • Bagan, Myanmar – The Poetry of a Moment

    A Semester at Sea program to Bagan, Myanmar, gave students the opportunity to explore this ancient city adorned with thousands of Buddhist pagodas, temples and stupas. Join William Desena, a […]

  • Global Music: The Universal Language – Part 2

    Join global music professor Ingrid Byerly and her Breaking Sound Barriers music class, as they receive a lesson in traditional Vietnamese music from SOUL music academy’s founder Thanh Bui. After […]

  • Global Music – The Universal Language – Part 1

    While ported in Vietnam, students in the Breaking Sound Barriers course had the privilege to experience Vietnamese musical culture in a unique and transformational way. They visited the renowned SOUL […]

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