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2016-2017 Homecoming Voyage: December 28, 2016 - January 1, 2017


2016-2017 Homecoming Voyage Schedule

We have a great program planned for you on the Homecoming Voyage. Below are some highlights and important times for each day of the voyage.

A detailed schedule with times and locations of all events will be in your cabin when you arrive to the MV World Odyssey.

Please note: itinerary is subject to change.


Day 1: San Diego, Wednesday, December 28

Passengers may board the MV World Odyssey at the Port of San Diego between 13:00 and 16:00
On-ship time is 16:00
Ship departs at 19:00

Enjoy a BBQ Dinner followed by State of the Institution remarks from President and CEO Loren Crabtree


Day 2: At Sea, Thursday, December 29

Morning and Afternoon Sessions featuring:

Steve Anderson – “Geologic Hazards of the Pacific Rim – Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Comparisons with Other Planets”
Lisa Slavid – “New Models of Creativity and Living an Innovative Life”
Tolan Shaw – “Semester at Sea and Songwriting: Tolan Shaw’s Travel-Inspired Music”
Audra Brickner – “Planned Giving – What is it and How Can it Help You?”

Keynote Sessions by Honorary Executive Deans Max Brandt and Lloyd Lewan

Mexico Pre Port Lecture and Crew Talent show  in the evening

Day 3: Ensenada, Mexico, Friday, December 30

Ship arrives at the Port of Ensenada at 08:00
On-ship time is 20:00
Ship departs at 22:00

View In-Country Programs for Ensenada and register here!


Day 4: At Sea, Saturday, December 31

Morning and Afternoon Sessions featuring:

Dan Garvey – “What Really Happens on Semester at Sea: The Truth about the Lasting Impact of the Experience”
Louis Patler – “Make Your Own Waves: The Surfer’s Rules for Innovators and Entrepreneurs”
Kayce Casner Anderson – “For the Good Period: Dismantling the Barriers to Girls’ Education”
Kelly Tafoya – “Social Media 101”
Katie Sanchez – “Building a Living Type Table (Myers Briggs)”
Jim Danziger – “Isn’t There a Better Way to (S)elect our President?”

Keynote Sessions by Honorary Executive Dean John Tymitz

New Year’s Eve Celebration and champagne toast with the Lucky Devils and DJ L30pard


Day 5: San Diego, Sunday, January 1

Ship arrives at the Port of San Diego at 08:00
Passengers must disembark at 09:00