Fall 2015: Explore the Mediterranean & Atlantic

Fall 2015

Explore the Mediterranean & Atlantic


Administrative Team


  • Gayle Allard

    Discipline: Assistant Dean of Students Professor IE Business School (ES)
  • Judy Andrews

    Discipline: Assistant Dean of Students Assistant Librarian
  • Peg (Marguerite) Barratt

    Discipline: Psychology George Washington University
  • John Boyer

    Discipline: Geography Senior Instructor Virginia Tech
  • Daniel Brayton

    Discipline: English Associate Professor Middlebury College
  • Melinda Cain

    Discipline: English
  • Paige Critcher

    Discipline: Studio Art Sweet Briar College
  • Eve Danziger

    Discipline: Anthropology Professor University of Virginia
  • Sophia David

    Discipline: Anthropology Teaching Assistant
  • George Derk

    Discipline: Anthropology Teaching Assistant
  • Christine Dudgeon

    Discipline: Biology Postdoctoral Researcher University of Queensland (AU)
  • Alan Goldin

    Discipline: Environmental Science Westminster College
  • Louise Harmon

    Discipline: Philosophy and Religious Studies Professor Emerita Touro Law Center
  • Gearold Johnson

    Discipline: Philosophy and Religious Studies Professor Emeritus & George T. Abell Chair Colorado State University
  • Donna LeFebvre

    Discipline: Political Science Senior Lecturer Emerita University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Antonia Losano

    Discipline: English Associate Professor Middlebury College
  • Ariana Maki

    Discipline: Art History University of Colorado Boulder
  • Judy McLeod

    Discipline: Studio Art
  • Jonathan Memel

    Discipline: Studio Art Teaching Assistant
  • Daniel Merrill

    Discipline: Music Associate Tutor Goldsmiths University (UK)
  • John H. Miller

    Discipline: English Faculty, Academy for Lifelong Learning Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum
  • Laura Miller

    Discipline: English Librarian University of Virginia
  • John Nemec

    Discipline: Religion General Associate Professor University of Virginia
  • Katherine Pritchard

    Discipline: Religion General Teaching Assistant
  • Andrea Roberts

    Discipline: Commerce Carmen G. Blough Accounting Professor of Commerce University of Virginia
  • Mary Ropka

    Discipline: Public Health Professor Emeritus of Public Health Sciences and Professor of Nursing University of Virginia
  • Katrina Savitskie

    Discipline: Public Health Associate Professor Savannah State University
  • Paul Shepherd

    Discipline: English Writing
  • Lois Shepherd

    Discipline: English Writing Professor University of Virginia
  • Yuwei Shi

    Discipline: English Writing Professor at Graduate School of International Policy and Management Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
  • Ed Sobey

    Discipline: Environmental Science President Northwest Invention Center
  • Thomas Suddendorf

    Discipline: Psychology Professor University of Queensland (AU)
  • Tom Trittipo

    Discipline: Commerce University of Maryland University College
  • Breck Walker

    Discipline: History
  • Robert Wilder

    Discipline: Politics and International Relations CEO of WilderHill Clean Energy Index


Interport Lecturers and Special Guests