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Fall 2017: A Voyage Around the World

Fall 2017

A Voyage Around the World

Administrative Team


  • Abena Busia

    Discipline: Women, Gender & Sexuality Interport Lecturer- Casablanca to Tema
  • Abigail Berk

    Discipline: Business, Commerce Lecturer University of San Diego
  • James Bratt

    Discipline: Philosophy and Religious Studies Professor Emeritus Calvin College
  • Michael Connolly

    Discipline: History Professor St. Joseph's College of Maine
  • Andrew Creekmore

    Discipline: Anthropology Associate Professor University of Northern Colorado
  • Kenneth Cushner

    Discipline: International Education Emeritus Professor Kent State University
  • Paul Doherty

    Discipline: Fish, Wildlife & Conservation Biology Professor Colorado State University
  • Louise Feldmann

    Discipline: Library and Information Sciences Librarian Colorado State University
  • Heather Gibson

    Discipline: Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism Professor University of Florida
  • Don Gogniat

    Discipline: Geography Professor and Chancellor & Director of Global Studies Pennsylvania State University, York Campus
  • Susan Hine

    Discipline: Economics Instructor Colorado State University
  • Pamela Hollie

    Discipline: Journalism and Media Communication Professor Kenyon College
  • Nancy Janus

    Discipline: Psychology Professor Eckerd College
  • Soo Kang

    Discipline: Hospitality Management Associate Professor Colorado State University
  • P.F. Kluge

    Discipline: English Professor Kenyon College
  • Jaime Llambias-Wolff

    Discipline: Sociology Associate Professor York University
  • María del Mar López-Cabrales

    Discipline: Spanish Professor Colorado State University
  • Seabird McKeon

    Discipline: Biology Research Associate Smithsonian Institute
  • Eleanor Moseman

    Discipline: Art History Associate Professor Colorado State University
  • Stephen Preece

    Discipline: Management Associate Professor Wilfrid Laurier University
  • Rachel Raimist

    Discipline: Media Studies Associate Professor University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
  • Armin Rosencranz

    Discipline: Political Science Professor Stanford University
  • Manijeh Sabi

    Discipline: Economics Professor The Sage Colleges
  • Janet Schofield

    Discipline: Psychology Professor and Senior Advisor Royal Thimphu College
  • Sarah Sloane

    Discipline: Creative Writing Professor Colorado State University
  • Robert W. Smith

    Discipline: Geography Independent Geographic Consultant and Educator
  • Shauhin Talesh

    Discipline: Law & Sociology Professor University of California, Irvine


Interport Lecturers and Special Guests