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IMPORTANT: This webpage is not actively updated throughout the voyage. The most accurate and up-to-date information can be found by voyagers through the shipboard Field Office on deck 5 or by logging into HomePort.

Beginning at 0800 next Friday, September 1st, online Field registration via the portal becomes inactive and all future transactions take place through the Field Office on the ship. (This means Voyagers will not be able to add any new Field Programs between Sept. 1-8.)

Pack with a Purpose! Interested in bringing items to donate to local organizations supported by Field Programs?  Check out this list of frequently requested items!

Upcoming deadlines: 

  1. Sept. 8: Last day to cancel/ change day programs (Sept. 9: single day programs become non-refundable)
  2. Sept. 11: GHANA & VIETNAM registration deadline for overnight programs
  3. Please Note:  Registration for overnight programs in India, Spain, and South Africa has closed.View all important dates, deadlines and cancellation policies here.

With questions, email or call 970-491-8333 (8-5 Mountain Time)

Need to cancel a field program?  Email with the program code & name (e.g., BCN 100-102 Barcelona Classic City Orientation) and include your name.  Be sure you’re familiar with the Field Program Cancellation Policies, found in the Terms & Conditions, prior to cancelling field programs.