Fall 2019: Canals and The Atlantic

Fall 2019

Canals and The Atlantic

Course Offerings & Registration

Fall 2019 courses will be posted as they are approved by academic partner Colorado State University.


  • Courses will be listed below between 12-9 months prior to the voyage.
  • Syllabi will be available between 9-6 months prior to the voyage.
  • Course Registration will take place online through Colorado State University’s student portal, RAMweb. Course registration will open in May 2019. Specific registration dates and times will be announced in early 2019.

Types of Courses: Between 20 and 25 different academic disciplines will be offered on the Fall 2019 academic voyage.

Number of Courses: Between 70 and 72 classes will be offered on the Fall 2019 academic voyage.

Course Designations: Lower-division courses are designated with 100 to 299 numbers; upper-division courses are 300 to 499 numbers.

Field Classes: Each course has an in-country Field Class, which you must consider when planning your schedule.

The Core Course – Global Studies: All students must register in IE 300 Global Studies, the signature core course of the Semester at Sea program.  You may then chose three additional courses each worth 3 credits for a total full-time load of 12 credits.

This core course for the voyage, Global Studies, is required of all students and provides an integrated, interdisciplinary introduction to each of the countries visited on a given itinerary.  The course examines the traditional and changing systems and values of a country and its cultures, while providing the fundamental knowledge necessary to prepare students for field activities in the host country.

Global Studies is designed to help students deepen their understanding of specific features of contemporary life and culture. This common course is also designed to take maximum advantage of the opportunity for students to think critically about their own societies and global change.  Specifically designed pre- and post-port class sessions examine patterns of cultural interaction and communication to promote intercultural competency and self-awareness among Semester at Sea students.


Fall 2019 Courses & Field Classes

Course Offerings