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Fall 2020: Europe, Africa, and Asia

Fall 2020

Europe, Africa, and Asia

Administrative Team


  • Sona Karentz Andrews

    Discipline: Geography Provost Emerita and Professor Portland State University
  • Kenneth Bagley

    Discipline: Communication Studies Assistant Professor Portland State University
  • Cynthia Church

    Discipline: Biology Associate Professor Metropolitan State University of Denver
  • Samuel Connell

    Discipline: Anthropology Faculty and Chair Foothill College
  • Mary Ann Cutter

    Discipline: Philosophy and Religious Studies Professor University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
  • Douglass Fugan Dineen

    Discipline: Music Instructor Boston College
  • Susan Ferguson

    Discipline: Sociology Professor Grinnell College
  • Aaron Hahn Tapper

    Discipline: Philosophy and Religious Studies Professor University of San Francisco
  • Roger Hanna

    Discipline: Theatre Associate Professor Colorado State University
  • Melissa Markley Roundtree

    Discipline: Marketing Associate Professor DePaul University
  • Pat Mahoney

    Discipline: Sociology Associate Teaching Professor Colorado State University
  • Chris Melby

    Discipline: Food Science and Human Nutrition Professor Colorado State University
  • Michael Pearson

    Discipline: English Professor Old Dominion University
  • Rocky Rohwedder

    Discipline: Environmental Science Professor Sonoma State University
  • Peter Seel

    Discipline: Journalism and Media Communication Professor Emeritus Colorado State University
  • Brenda Weber

    Discipline: Women's Studies Professor Indiana University
  • Margaret Takeda

    Discipline: Business Associate Professor and Lecturer California State University, San Bernardino
  • Marc Zimmer

    Discipline: Chemistry Professor Connecticut College