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Spring 2015: A Voyage Around the World


Administrative Team


  • Arantxa Alegre-González

    Discipline: Spanish Associate Professor of Spanish Towson University
  • Steve Anderson

    Discipline: Environmental Science Professor of Earth and Atmospheric Science University of Northern Colorado
  • Thomas Braciale

    Discipline: Public Health University of Virginia Medical Center
  • Willa Brown

    Discipline: Public Health Teaching Assistant University of Virginia
  • Michelle Camacho

    Discipline: Sociology Professor of Sociology University of San Diego
  • Jens Christiansen

    Discipline: Economics Professor of Economics Mount Holyoke College
  • June Cotte

    Discipline: Marketing Professor Western University
  • Erik DeLuca

    Discipline: Music Lecturer University of Virginia
  • Lili Dong

    Discipline: Commerce Beijing Foreign Studies University
  • Chad Emmett

    Discipline: Geography Associate Professor Brigham Young University
  • Emmett/Schrenk/Spain

    Discipline: Architectural History, Architecture, Geography
  • Howard Ernst

    Discipline: Architectural History, Architecture, Geography Professor of Political Science United States Naval Academy
  • Caleb Everett

    Discipline: Anthropology Associate Professor of Anthropology University of Miami
  • Cassandra Fallscheer

    Discipline: Astronomy Lecturer of Physics Central Washington University
  • Hugh Meredith Flick, Jr.

    Discipline: Religion General Lecturer in Religious Studies and South Asian Studies Yale University
  • Ann Gargett

    Discipline: Religion General Senior Research Scientist Institute of Ocean Sciences (CA)
  • Salvatore Genovese

    Discipline: Biology, Environmental Science Visiting Scientist University of Otago, New Zealand
  • Genovese/Christiansen/Ernst

    Discipline: Biology, Economics
  • Leigh Grossman, M.D.

    Discipline: Public Health Visiting Professor of Medicine
  • James Huffman

    Discipline: History Professor Emeritus Wittenberg University
  • Kyle Huth

    Discipline: History Teaching Assistant
  • Amber Johnson

    Discipline: Media Studies Assistant Professor of Languages and Communication Prairie View A&M
  • Walton Johnson

    Discipline: Anthropology Professor of Anthropology and Africana Studies Rutgers University
  • Johnson/Plous/Wiegand

    Discipline: Anthropology, Psychology
  • Eunshin Grace Kim

    Discipline: Studio Art
  • Colleen Kinder

    Discipline: English Writing Lecturer Yale University
  • Phillip Kolbe

    Discipline: Commerce Visiting Professor The University of Texas at El Paso
  • Joseph Lowman

    Discipline: Psychology Professor of Psychology University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Philip McEldowney

    Discipline: Psychology Librarian University of Virginia
  • Scott Miller

    Discipline: English Writing Professor & Director of the Writing Center Sonoma State University
  • Adrianne Moore

    Discipline: Theatre Professor and Department Head, Theatre Arts Utah State University
  • Susan Müller

    Discipline: Commerce Senior Researcher University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, Swiss Research Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Jonathan Paulo

    Discipline: Commerce James Madison University
  • Scott Plous

    Discipline: Psychology Professor Wesleyan University
  • Martin Premoli

    Discipline: Psychology Teaching Assistant
  • Jessica Roberts

    Discipline: Media Studies
  • Margery Sabin

    Discipline: English Literature Professor of English Wellesley College
  • Jim Sabin

    Discipline: Public Health Clinical Professor of Population Medicine and Psychiatry Harvard Medical School
  • Lisa Schrenk

    Discipline: Architectural History Associate Professor University of Arizona
  • Kesho Scott

    Discipline: Sociology Associate Professor of American Studies and Sociology Grinnell College
  • John Shepherd

    Discipline: Anthropology Associate Professor University of Virginia
  • Shepherd/Dong

    Discipline: Anthropology, Commerce, East Asian Studies
  • Matthew Silva

    Discipline: English Writing Graduate Instructor University of Virginia
  • Krista Wiegand

    Discipline: Politics and International Relations Associate Professor of Political Science University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Interport Lecturers and Special Guests