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Spring 2016: A Voyage Around the World

Spring 2016

A Voyage Around the World

Hawaii, United States

Hawaii, United States

Honolulu: Jan 12 - 12
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Ever since Hawaii became the fiftieth U.S. state in 1959, Hawaii has been a hotspot for people around the globe seeking world-class surf, tropical sun and beautiful sands. This island state is a natural paradise, known for its smoldering volcanoes, lush mountains and sculpted cliffs. Despite it being in the U.S., it’s as far a departure from the mainland as one can get with its epic landscape and Aloha spirit. From the serene beaches, to the natural parks to the abundance of fresh tropical fruits, the Aloha state is stunning paradise that will quickly grab your heart. Hawaii remains a blended multicultural society, with an enduring indigenous culture and rich Polynesian and Asian influence.

Quick Facts
  • Language: English, Hawaiian
  • Population: 1,419,561
  • Government: Federal presidential constitutional republic
  • Currency: United States dollar($) (USD)
  • Capital: Honolulu
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