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Spring 2017: A Voyage Around the World

Spring 2017

A Voyage Around the World

Administrative Team


  • Eric Aoki

    Discipline: Communication Studies Professor & Intercultural Specialist Colorado State University
  • Lori Barker

    Discipline: Psychology Professor California State Polytechnic University
  • Daniel Binkley

    Discipline: Ecology Professor Colorado State University
  • Deirdre Bird

    Discipline: Marketing Assistant Professor Providence College
  • Mary Ann Cutter

    Discipline: Philosophy and Religious Studies Professor University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
  • Linda Ehrlich

    Discipline: Film, Theatre, & Dance Associate Professor Case Western Reserve University
  • Tisha Emerson

    Discipline: Economics Professor Baylor University
  • Claudia Green

    Discipline: Hospitality and Tourism Associate Professor Pace University
  • David Haberman

    Discipline: Philosophy and Religious Studies Professor Indiana University
  • John Israel

    Discipline: History Professor Emeritus University of Virginia
  • William Jennings

    Discipline: Political Science Senior Lecturer University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Mara Karlin

    Discipline: Political Science Adjunct Professor Johns Hopkins University
  • Mary Littrell

    Discipline: Design and Merchandising Professor Emerita Colorado State University
  • Ann Magennis

    Discipline: Anthropology Associate Professor Colorado State University
  • R. Scott Marshall

    Discipline: Management Vice Provost & Professor Portland State University
  • Gregory Mason

    Discipline: English UVA Professor Emeritus Gustavus Adolphus College
  • Travis Maynard

    Discipline: Management Associate Professor Colorado State University
  • Nilufer Medora

    Discipline: Human Development and Family Studies Professor California State University, Long Beach
  • Karen Meenan

    Discipline: Sociology Professor Portland State University
  • Tanvi Patel

    Discipline: English Writing Adjunct Faculty and Assistant Director of the Writing Center California Lutheran University
  • Ursula Quillmann

    Discipline: Natural Resources Assistant Professor Colorado State University
  • Julia Sapin

    Discipline: Art Associate Professor Western Washington University
  • Peter Seel

    Discipline: Journalism and Media Communication Professor Emeritus Colorado State University
  • Rob Sica

    Discipline: Library and Information Sciences Librarian Colorado State University
  • Carolyn Smith

    Discipline: Sociology Professor University of Albany, SUNY
  • Chris Smith

    Discipline: Geography Professor University of Albany, SUNY
  • Tom Taylor

    Discipline: History Associate Professor & Director of Global Studies Seattle University
  • James Witte

    Discipline: Sociology Professor George Mason University
  • Tao Xie

    Discipline: Political Science Professor Beijing Foreign Studies University


Interport Lecturers and Special Guests