AO Evening Performance at Saigon’s Opera House

HCM 115-403
  • Enjoy an evening performance recently added to Saigon nightlight’s “should see”
Program Overview
Country: Vietnam
Depart: 02/13/2017 1715
Return: 02/13/2017 1915
Duration: Half-Day
Difficulty: Easy
Capacity: Min. 15/ Max. 39
Program Fee
$53 (early booking: $50)

Field Work Conflicts
  • GR 330: Urban Geography

The A O show has been created by the same group of artists who successfully created the Lang Toi show since 2009, and which performed more than 200 shows in Europe, Asia and lot of other countries in the world. The A O show aims to take the audience to the serene and beautiful village of South Vietnam and swiftly transfer them back to the ruckus of the hasty city life. Bamboo and its use in the daily life of Vietnamese is applied as key visual throughout the show. Performers are diverse in term of background, from circus performers, acrobats, jugglers, martial arts performers to refine street-style dancers. Musicians play live the music using traditional musical instruments – including those rare instruments that can only be played by a handful of Vietnamese. Each A O Show performance lasts approximately 60 minutes and is held at Saigon’s famous Opera House right in the city center.

“It was amazing! Blown away by the show and how innovative it was!” – Noble N. Spring 2016 Student Voyager