Cape Town Jazz Evening

CAP 105-103
  • Dine on local cuisine in the homes of the musicians
  • Discover the City through her music
Program Overview
Country: South Africa
Depart: 03/19/2017 1900
Return: 03/19/2017 2330
Duration: Half-Day
Difficulty: Easy
Capacity: Min. 10 / Max. 40
Program Fee
$105 (early booking: $99)

Field Work Conflicts
  • MKT 361: Buyer Behavior
  • SOC 105: Social Problems (Section 1)

A wonderful way to connect with people and their culture is by listening to their music; this practicum provides just that opportunity. Cape Town is an incredibly musical city. This is the city where music is at its most creative in South Africa, something which is due partly to the natural environment we have, which encourages creativity, but mainly it is because of the history of the city and the diversity of people and cultures and sounds that have ended up here. On this special music journey we are doing to travel deep inside the jazz music of the city, by visiting local jazz musicians in their homes. Part one is a visit to the home of a jazz musician for dinner, with music and conversation, and part two is a visit either to the home of a second musician for a nightcap, or to a jazz venue for the late set. The experience is intimate and deep, full of music and engagement and fun. It is a unique opportunity to meet local musicians away from club stages, and an excellent way to discover more about Cape Town and the lives of the people that live in it – through the music. Our hosts include will Cape Town musicians young and old, all of them composers and performers. These are the musicians defining the sound of the city.

Meals Included

Dinner at a local musicians home