Central Region Highlights (1 night)

ACR 210-101
  • Tour of Cape Coast Castle
  • Elmina walking tour
  • Tour of Kakum National Park
  • Scenic coastline drive
Program Overview
Country: Ghana
Depart: 03/31/2017 0800
Return: 04/01/2017 1800
Duration: Overnight
Difficulty: Easy
Capacity: Min 15 / Max 40
Program Fee
$494 (early booking: $466)

Field Work Conflicts
  • MKT 300: Principles of Marketing
  • ECON 460: Economic Development
  • POLS 435: United States Foreign Policy
  • ANTH 340: Medical Anthropology
  • MGT 360: Social and Sustainable Venturing (Section 1)
  • SOC 333: Gender and Society
  • PHIL 366: Philosophy of Aging
  • D 110: Understanding Dance
  • AM 250: Clothing, Adornment and Human Behavior

Day 1: Depart along the coast through several fishing villages to the Central Region of Ghana. Here we will embark on a tour of historic landmarks with a visit to the infamous Cape Coast Castle and slave dungeons. Here you will stand inside the dark and cavernous rooms, feel the uneven floor beneath your feet, and rely only on your senses of smell and sound as you imagine hundreds of people pressed in around you, awaiting a long journey in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. While everyone has studied this period of history, your visit to one of Ghana’s slave castles and dungeons will truly give you a new perspective of it.
After lunch we’ll head out on a walking tour of the coastal town of Elmina, which was the first point of European contact in Sub-Saharan Africa and was once the most cosmopolitan city in Tropical Africa. Climb the Jago Hill to Fort Saint Jargo, for a view of the Elmina Castle. You will be intrigued by the various Colonial Dutch cemeteries as well as the colorful Asafo (Fante Traditional Soldiers) Posts with their philosophical symbols. The walking tour will end at the forecourt of the Elmina Castle. Here, you are free to explore the castle on your own (entrance not included). We’ll continue to the hotel for check in and, after dinner, enjoy drumming and dancing by an energetic local dance troupe from Elmina. Optional activities are also available at the resort.

Day 2: After breakfast, we’ll check out of the hotel and drive through the Denkyira Kingdom to Kakum National Park, one of West Africa’s surviving tropical rainforests. Extending over 360 square kilometers, the park is home to over forty large mammals and four hundred bird species, as well as numerous species of butterflies and other flora and fauna. Kakum’s most popular attraction is the canopy walkway, which consists of seven bridges extending 350 meters and hanging forty meters above the forest floor. Choose either a two-kilometer walk through the forest to discover the wide variety of exotic floral species and the medicinal value they offer, or a walk in the treetops via the canopy walkway. Enjoy a lunch of African cuisine at a local restaurant and then we’ll head back to the ship via the scenic coastline to Tema.


Day 1

  • Cape Coast Castle (~3 hour in transit)
  • Lunch at local restuaruant
  • Elmina Walking Tour
  • Leisure time before dinner
  • Evening drumming and dancing performance

Day 2

  • Drive through Denkyira to Kakum National Park
  • Exploration of Kakum National Park, including canopy walkway
  • Lunch at local restaurant
  • Scenic coastline drive back to ship (~4.5 hours)

Meals Included

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Special Note

The hotel accommodations offer optional activities for the leisure time before dinner the first night, including horseback riding, golf, swimming, beach volley ball, and access to an animal sanctuary.