Cheetah Outreach Project and Wine & Olive Tasting (Group B)

CAP 155-601
  • Stroke an adult cheetah (CAT WILLING)
  • Olives, Oil and Wine tasting at a local wine estate
Program Overview
Country: South Africa
Depart: 03/24/2017 0830
Return: 03/24/2017 1300
Duration: Half-Day
Difficulty: Moderate
Capacity: Min. 20 / Max. 30
Program Fee
$67 (early booking: $63)

Departing the quayside on a scenic drive of approximately 45 minutes will take you to the Cheetah Outreach Project, situated just outside Somerset West. Cheetahs have been man’s hunting partners and royal companions for centuries. The ancient Egyptians deified cheetahs. The pharaohs kept cheetahs as close personal companions and believed these animals had the power to carry their souls to the afterlife. According to an educational video at the Cheetah Outreach Project, it is now our turn to be their companions: these nimble beasts are on the brink of extinction and their fate is in our hands.

The Cheetah Outreach Project was started eight years ago on a piece of land donated by the Spier estate, outside Stellenbosch, and has since moved to Somerset West. The project aims to provide a voice to the free ranging cheetah through education and awareness in urban and rural communities. Take a stroll through the Cheetah Outreach Project and come face to face with these majestic cats, the Cheetah Outreach Project’s friendly feline ambassadors. Learn more about their lives, their habits and the dangers that face them.  Stroke an adult cheetah (CAT WILLING) and go on a guided tour with one of the project’s many enthusiastic volunteers (Cheetah Outreach volunteers come from all over the world – quitting their jobs, selling their houses and saying goodbye to their friends – to fight for the survival of this beautiful animal).

On your tour of the center, you will also meet a pack of brave Turkish Anatolian Shepard dogs: When rural farmers lose their livestock to predators they often blame and kill cheetahs (without taking other predators into account). These furry ‘soldiers’ are bred on the premises and then sent to various rural farms to protect farmers’ livestock against predators and cheetahs from farmers.

On completion of your exhilarating experience meeting a cheetah up close, you will re-board the coach and make your way to Morgenster Estate in the heart of the Cape winegrowing region. It is a thriving farm, producing Bordeaux-style red wine and award-winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil and olive products. Morgenster’s liquid gold – their Extra Virgin Olive Oil – has been the recipient of the coveted L’Orciolo d’Oro prize in Italy for consecutive years and was also voted by Olive Business in Sydney Australia as the best olive oil in the entire Southern Hemisphere. Morgenster’s most recent award for its oil came in just before the close of 2005 in the form of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil being selected as one of the Top 15 Olive Oils in the world (out of 3000 tasted!) and the award for the Best Blended Olive Oil in the world. Morgenster thus features well in the L’Extravergine guide which lists the 459 oils selected from 26 countries around the globe. On completion of your olive and wine tasting, you will board the coaches and return transfer to the quayside in Cape Town.

Special Note

-Bring along appropriate footwear, sunscreen, hats and a rain coat for rainy days
-Cheetahs are wild animals
-Guests must be calm when entering the area of the Cheetah
-This program is CAT willing