Kobe City Orientation Half Day

KOB 100-102
  • Discover the charms of Kobe, one of Japan’s most elegant cities
  • Witness all the influences that have made Kobe into the city it is now
  • Learn more about your host city
Program Overview
Country: Japan
Depart: 01/24/2017 1200
Return: 01/24/2017 1745
Duration: Half-Day
Difficulty: Easy
Capacity: Min. 30/ Max. 70
Program Fee
$88 (early booking: $83)

Field Work Conflicts
  • PSY 320: Abnormal Psychology
  • POLS 232: International Relations


Enjoy a half day tour of Kobe this afternoon to get a first taste for the city that will host you for the next few days. Kobe is an elegant, cosmopolitan port city where different layers of history have created a unique melting pot. Ride the ropeway up Mt. Rokko, the symbol of the city, where you can take in the whole city landscape. Take a leisurely stroll in the historical, hilly Kitano district, where the first houses of Western merchants and diplomats still stand. After a quick stop at Kobe’s famous Chinatown, it’s time to head to the waterfront Meriken Park area. While enjoying its modern and airy feel, you will also visit small areas that have purposely been left in ruins, documenting the quake that nearly destroyed Kobe in 1995 and the difficult relationship between Japan and earthquakes. On the way back, the bus will stop at Sannomiya, Kobe’s central station. You can choose to remain here to enjoy some shopping or dining in central Kobe (in which case you will have to arrange your own transportation back) or return to the ship.

Meals Included


Special Note

The tour will be mostly outside. Please wear warm clothes.