Morning Mass at St. George’s Cathedral

CAP 154-601
  • Visit to St. George’s Cathedral where you will enjoy morning mass
Program Overview
Country: South Africa
Depart: 03/24/2017 0600
Return: 03/24/2017 0900
Duration: Half-Day
Difficulty: Easy
Capacity: Min. 30 / Max. 40
Program Fee
$14 (early booking: $13)

St George’s Cathedral is the oldest cathedral in southern Africa. It is the mother church of the Anglican diocese of Cape Town, built by Sir Herbert Baker out of sandstone from Table Mountain. The early English colonists at the Cape of Good Hope had no church building of their own; they had to rely on services conducted by military chaplains at the Groote Kerk and the Castle. On 21 December 1834 St George’s Church opened for divine service. It had no rector, and chaplains conducted the services until Bishop Robert Gray arrived in his newly-created diocese in 1848. Since then building has progressed by stops and starts.

Over a century later in 1939 the north aisle was finished; in 1963 the Lady Chapel and south aisle were completed, and in 1978 the belfry and the link section, with additional seating, were built. The central panel of the great west window is dominated by the figure of the triumphant Christ. Unfortunately, after three wars, depressions and recessions the completion of St George’s Cathedral is still incomplete to this day. Enjoy a morning mass service at St Georges Cathedral and experience a mass service in Cape Town.