Nara & Sumo Experience

KOB 108-301
  • Get an exclusive immersion in the exciting world of sumo
  • Discover the differences between shrines and temples
  • Enjoy strolling in the peaceful ancient city of Nara
Program Overview
Country: Japan
Depart: 01/26/2017 0900
Return: 01/26/2017 1800
Duration: Full-Day
Difficulty: Easy
Capacity: Min. 25 / Max. 70
Program Fee
$221 (early booking: $209)

Get a glimpse into Japan’s national sport, sumo, and the music there, Jinku. Jinku is a live performance of unique traditional songs at Sumo. It originates from the songs that wrestlers sang before tournaments and became popular between the Edo and Meiji periods (mid-19th century). You will visit the Kehaya-za sumo ring in Katsuragi City, Nara Prefecture, which is usually used by the Tagonoura stable. It currently belongs to Kisenosato, the wrestler holding the second highest rank in Japan. You will learn Jinku sumo songs and then see a demonstration of a sumo practice and match held by two wrestlers.

After lunch, we will move on to central Nara. For 74 years during the 8th century, Nara was Japan’s capital. Many of the temples and shrines built at that time still remain. Visit Todaiji temple, the world’s largest wooden building and home to Japan’s largest Buddha. Wander through Nara Park, called Deer park by locals due to the large population of more than 1,000 tame deer living there. On our last stop, see Nara’s most celebrated shrine, Kasuga Taisha. Established in 768 AD, this shrine is famous for its hundreds of bronze and stone lanterns which have been donated by worshipers.

Meals Included


Special Note

The tour will be mostly outside. Please wear warm clothes.