IMPACT: Operation Hunger-Service Visit

CAP 130-401
  • Visit an NGO called Operation Hunger
  • Participate in a cultural sharing activity
Program Overview
Country: South Africa
Depart: 03/22/2017 0900
Return: 03/22/2017 1700
Duration: Full-Day
Difficulty: Moderate
Capacity: Min. 20/ Max. 40

IMPACT Opportunity

Program Fee
$223 (early booking: $210)

Operation Hunger is an NGO whose mission is “to create partnerships between vulnerable households and caring people to combat malnutrition which, when suffered by children, undermines the nation’s health, education and economic potential.” The objectives are to improve the nutritional wellbeing of the poor; promote the dissemination of knowledge about poverty and malnutrition in South Africa; improve existing facilities to reduce malnutrition in South Africa and to render financial assistance to develop such programs; cooperate with communities, organizations and authorities to combat malnutrition; publicize and promote the objectives via lectures, exhibitions, meetings, conferences, pamphlets, newspapers, books, leaflets, radio, television and films.

Operation Hunger’s integrated development program includes locally-managed growth-monitoring programs, targeted food support, water supply, sanitation facilities, health/hygiene education, income generation and livelihood programs, agriculture and food production. The staff of Operation Hunger provided the following vivid description for this visit. You will visit some squatter camps on the outskirts of Cape Town, filled with people mainly from the former homelands, Eastern Cape, who come to the city in big numbers, in search of non-existent work.

On arrival, these people are already malnourished. They find no land, no shelter, no work and no means by which to return ‘home’. So they set up shacks made out of tin, cardboard or anything else they can find. Through Operation Hunger these people are assisted to start up own projects such as Feeding projects, Diseases control and environmental improvement initiatives, food security and childcare. The day’s activities will include a nutrition surveillance activity in a community, a visit to a feeding scheme and a cultural sharing activity. Possible areas to be visited are Khayelitsha and Philippi.

Meals Included

Includes sack lunch