South East Island Exploration

MAU 110-101
  • Ile aux Flammants
  • Ile aux Phares
  • Cruise near Ile de la Passe
  • Snorkeling at Troumoutou
  • Swim nearby Ile aux Aigrettes
  • Lunch on Margenie Island
Program Overview
Country: Mauritius
Depart: 03/12/2017 0900
Return: 03/12/2017 1700
Duration: Full-Day
Difficulty: Easy
Capacity: Min. 25/ Max 100
Program Fee
$123 (early booking: $116)

Field Work Conflicts
  • LIFE 320 Ecology
  • NR 150 Oceanography (Section 2)

Discover some of the most beautiful islands of the Mauritian territory full of history and enjoy one of the most amazing snorkeling spot with stunning species at Troumoutoo. Sail through the crystal clear water of our magnificent lagoon in direction of the islands of Ile aux Flammants, Ile aux Phares, Ile de la Passe, snorkeling, and GRSE Waterfall.

Ile aux Flammants (Visit depending upon sea conditions)

A magnificent island enhanced by a romantic atmosphere, one that takes you away from the customary rituals of everyday life and allows the immersion of one’s soul into pure nature, true natural beauty that reveals itself to the visitors. A time spent on Ile aux Flammants will surely make you long for another trip there to enjoy the unique beauty and tranquility that it offers.

Visit Ile aux Phares

This island is named Ile aux Fouquets but is better known as Ile aux Phares. It is an island small in size but of great scenic beauty that makes it stand out. Its historical connotations enhance the splendor of this exquisite small island and make it further more appealing to visitors to want to discover the secrets that lie within the island. The island houses some of the oldest fortifications of Mauritius dating from the Napoleonic era which have witnessed the battles of powers in the colonization. They have been restored to preserve this piece of history. You will also benefit from the appeasing atmosphere of this island.

Cruise near Ile de la Passe

Located a few kilometers from Ile aux Fouquets, this island also holds great importance in the history of Mauritius. It was the prominent battlefield hording both English and French troupes in early times. The structures of fortifications that are there are the oldest and best preserved in Mauritius. They have witnessed the battles of power in the colonization of the islands in the Indian Ocean. Ile de la Passe, has been preserved in its own realm.

Snorkeling at Troumoutou

The Troumoutou snorkeling spot, situated on the South East coast of Mauritius near Mahebourg, is one of the best places to see the beautiful marine life and to go for snorkeling in Mauritius. This turquoise lagoon is one of the richest in terms of flora and fauna. There is also a wide variety of fish species and corals. Snorkeling gear is provided.

Swim nearby Ile aux Aigrettes

Ile aux Aigrettes gives you a glimpse of what Mauritius would have looked like without the devastating impact of man on the environment. The island has been declared as a nature reserve since 1965. It is the only place where you will be able to encounter rare species which had long disappeared on the main island, through a restoration programme of the National Wildlife Foundation, a natural forest has also been restored. Another special characteristic of the island is that it is made up of coral limestone unlike the mainland of Mauritius which is of volcanic origin.

Visit Grand River South East Waterfall

Grande Riviere Sud Est is the longest river of the island. It flows 30 km along the Bambou mountain chain before it empties itself through a magnificent waterfall in the Baie de L’Anse Cunat. This river is one of the most renowned river in Mauritius, through generations now. This place offers a pure moment of relaxation and breathtaking views in the arm of Mother Nature far away from the materialistic world. You will be impressed by the flora and fauna on the banks of the river, where you will be able to observe the bats hanging from the tops of the branches and monkeys in their natural habitat perched on trees or sheltered on mountain slopes that border the river. Many birds also fly over the river, namely the majestic Pailles en Queue.


Meals Included

Lunch will be served at the back of Ilot Margenie with water and soft drinks

Special Note

Bring own towels and sunscreen, along with plenty of water.