IMPACT: Twante Tour

RAN 103-201
  • Learn about life at a monastic school
  • Experience village life and explore local crafts
  • Participate in a service project
Program Overview
Country: Myanmar (Burma)
Depart: 02/21/2017 0800
Return: 02/21/2017 1700
Duration: Full-Day
Difficulty: Easy
Capacity: Min 30 / Max 90

IMPACT Opportunity

Program Fee
$76 (early booking: $72)

Field Work Conflicts
  • PSY 315 Social Psychology
  • TH 141 Introduction to Theatre
  • POLS 131 27391 Current World Problems
  • AM 460 Historic Textiles
  • GR 320 Cultural Geography
  • SOC 105 Social Problems (Section 2)
  • POLS 241 Comparative Government and Politics

Twante, a small town on the Ayeyawaddy delta, has retained its original character and is well known for manufacturing pottery. Get a glimpse of life on and along the famous Twante canal, which was dug during the time of British rule in Myanmar in order to provide a short boat ride from Yangon.

Begin the day by crossing the Yangon River by local ferry and observe local river life outside of the city. Arrive in Dala, the small township which is a community made up of commuters; residents enjoy close access to the jobs and infrastructure of downtown Yangon without the busy hustle and bustle that comes with living in the city.

On arrival to Dala’s jetty, continue to Twante to visit a monastic, or religious, education center. Like most monasteries throughout Myanmar, monastic schools double as monastic or religious education centers where monks, novices, and laypeople from throughout Myanmar come to study Buddhism and live in a semi-collective community. The school acts as a residence for many for adults and children from various parts of the country, some from different ethnic tribes throughout Myanmar. Be warmly welcomed by the Monastery’s head monk and given a brief overview of the unique form of education and community-care which he and the Twante community provide. This visit is also an opportunity for you to take part in an impactful service activity for the benefit of the monastic school and Twante community. Examples of service projects include: distributing purified water at community centers, tree planting, teaching English courses and trash collection. Afterward, explore nearby villages to observe local life.

Next, visit a pottery workshop. There are over 50 pottery workshops in Twante, where the craftsmanship has been handed down from generation to generation and is still carried on in the time-honored tradition. Twante pottery is recognized for its quality and is distributed throughout the country. Thousands of water pots, flower pots and well-designed utilitarian containers of varying shapes and sizes are produced daily. Finally, transfer back to the ship for dinner.

Meals Included

Lunch will be at local restaurant in Twante