Yangon Full Day Tour

RAN 100-201
  • Shwedagon pagoda
  • Kalaywa Monastery
  • National museum
  • Scott market
  • Chauk Htat Gyi – Reclining Buddha Image
Program Overview
Country: Myanmar (Burma)
Depart: 02/21/2017 0800
Return: 02/21/2017 1830
Duration: Full-Day
Difficulty: Easy
Capacity: Min 15 / Max 90
Program Fee
$91 (early booking: $86)

Field Work Conflicts
  • PSY 315 Social Psychology
  • TH 141 Introduction to Theatre
  • POLS 131 27391 Current World Problems
  • AM 460 Historic Textiles
  • GR 320 Cultural Geography
  • SOC 105 Social Problems (Section 2)
  • POLS 241 Comparative Government and Politics

Begin the tour with photo-stops in the city’s historic colonial center as well as Sule Pagoda and the city center. Then, visit the famous sprawling Scott Market (Bogyoke Aung San Market). Interested shoppers will be excited to hunt through Myanmar’s largest selection of stalls and shops offering local handicrafts. Next, learn about the rich culture and heritage of Myanmar at the National Museum. Here you will find several interesting exhibits, especially the 8-meter-high Lion Throne, used by King Thibaw, the last Burmese king.

Following lunch at White Rice restaurant, visit Kalaywa Monastery, which is home to 1,000 monks. In his lifetime, a Myanmar male is expected to spend some of his life serving as a monk to learn the ways of Buddhism. Walk around the Monastery to observe the everyday life of the monk and learn Buddhism life. There will be hundreds of little young monks and nuns who can meet with you to have conversation. Before heading to visit Shwedagon Pagoda, a brief stop at Chauk Htat Gyi Reclining Buddha. This colossal reclining Buddha statue is one of the largest images in Myanmar.


Finally, visit the famous and historic Shwedagon Pagoda, towering almost 98 meters above the green cityscape of Yangon. The Shwedagon Pagoda is believed to be the earliest pagoda of the Gautama Buddha Era, built by King Okkalapa more than 2,500 years ago. In the tradition of Buddhist faith, walk around the pagoda clockwise. Although there are many pagodas in Myanmar, few rival the Shwedagon Pagoda in scale or beauty. Testament to the faith of the Burmese, this mesmerizing pagoda is covered with hundreds of gold plates and the top of the stupa is encrusted with 4531 diamonds; the largest of which is a single 76-carat diamond!

There are shrines with the animals symbolizing each day of the week around the base of the Shwedagon pagoda. The group itself will be divided into smaller groups according to the guest’s day of birth. All guests will be provided bowls with water. It is believed that pouring water over the Buddha in the shrine will provide good luck in future (one bowl of water per year of age).

“I really enjoyed getting an overview of Yangon in one day! I really got a feel for the lifestyle in Myanmar….Worth purchasing!” – Jessica B. Spring 2016 Student Voyager

“We saw a lot in a good amount of time! I liked the time arrangement for each thing – it didn’t feel too rushed.” – Marney R. Spring 2016 Student Voyager

Meals Included