Spring 2021 Field Programs

With more than 50 years of in-country programming knowledge under our belts, Semester at Sea offers a wide variety of once-in-a-lifetime experiences while the ship is stopped in each country.

While in port, outside of required Field Classes, voyagers have the option of participating in Semester at Sea-designed Field Programs. Field Programs are co-curricular, in-country experiences built on strong relationships with local partners. While prioritizing safety, Field Programs generate awareness, build deeper understanding, and facilitate meaningful action in areas such as environmental stewardship, community & family engagement, social equity & access, historical understanding, and human expression & the arts. Experiential learning and cultural connection are at the heart of the SAS, and each program is designed with our students in mind to provide a unique experience that brings each destination to life. Learn more about in country travel here.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is waiting to see what travel may look like in the coming months and years. However, we know that as long as there are explorers at heart, intrepid souls will follow!

Field Programs will start appearing for registration in September. In the meantime, we just wanted to give you a small taste of what our countries on the Spring 2021 voyage have to offer!

There are inherent challenges associated with sailing internationally to multiple countries on multiple continents across oceans over the course of a semester. These inherent challenges require flexibility on behalf of the program and our voyagers. Itineraries are always subject to changes leading up to, and during, the voyage. Reasons for itinerary changes could include country-specific reasons; global health, safety or political concerns; weather or natural disasters; ship mechanical difficulty, or medical emergencies. Whatever the reason, all voyagers would be briefed as far in advance as possible on reasons why a diversion is necessary and all relevant details on the changes. For Spring 2021, likely contingency ports include: Callao, Peru; Panama City, Panama; Puerto Limon, Costa Rica; Willemstad, Curacao; St Georges, Grenada; Paramaribo, Suriname; Las Palmas, Canary Islands; Cadiz, Spain; Lisbon, Portugal. These contingency ports are also always subject to change at any time if they do not meet our requirements and other ports not listed here are also possible substitutions.