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Summer 2013: Europe and North America

Administrative Team


  • Daniel Abel

    Discipline: Assistant Dean of Students Professor of Marine Science Coastal Carolina University
  • Ernesto Acevedo-Muñoz

    Discipline: Media Studies Director of Film Studies University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Stephen Arata

    Discipline: English UVA Associate Professor of English University of Virginia
  • Lawrie Balfour

    Discipline: Political Theory Professor of Politics University of Virginia
  • Matt Ball

    Discipline: Political Theory Librarian
  • Elizabeth Barre

    Discipline: Religion General Rice University
  • Margaret Bass

    Discipline: English Writing Associate Professor of English St. Lawrence University
  • Angela Belgrave

    Discipline: English Writing Assistant Dependent Children Coordinator
  • Nancy Burkoff

    Discipline: Legal Studies Associate Professor University of Pittsburgh School of Law
  • Maggie Debelius

    Discipline: English UVA Director Georgetown University Writing Center
  • Chad Dodson

    Discipline: Psychology Associate Professor of Psychology University of Virginia
  • Tisha Emerson

    Discipline: Economics Professor Baylor University
  • Salvatore Genovese

    Discipline: Biology, Environmental Science Visiting Scientist University of Otago, New Zealand
  • Caitlin Guszkowski

    Discipline: Biology, Environmental Science Teaching Assistant
  • Richard Handler

    Discipline: Anthropology Professor of Anthropology University of Virginia
  • Jessica Harland-Jacobs

    Discipline: History Associate Professor of Modern British and Imperial History University of Florida
  • Melissa Henriksen

    Discipline: Biology Assistant Professor Biology, University of Virginia
  • Scott Hibbard

    Discipline: Comparative Politics Associate Professor Political Science DePaul University
  • Paige Hornsby

    Discipline: Public Health Assistant Director for Practicums and Research, Department of Public Health Sciences University of Virginia
  • Matthew Jacobs

    Discipline: History Associate Professor of U.S. and International History University of Florida
  • Lisa Johnston

    Discipline: History Assistant Librarian
  • Timothy Laseter

    Discipline: Commerce Professor of Practice, Darden School of Business University of Virginia
  • David Leblang

    Discipline: Politics and International Relations Professor, Department of Politics University of Virginia
  • Daniel Lefkowitz

    Discipline: Anthropology, Middle East Studies Associate Professor, Anthropology University of Virginia
  • Joseph Lenow

    Discipline: Anthropology, Middle East Studies Teaching Assistant
  • Peggy Sue Loroz

    Discipline: Commerce Professor of Marketing Gonzaga University
  • Elizabeth Molacek

    Discipline: Commerce Teaching Assistant
  • Matthew Morrison

    Discipline: Commerce Teaching Assistant
  • Paul Muldoon

    Discipline: English Writing Howard G.B. Clark ’21 Professor; Awardee, Pulitzer Prize for Poetry (2003) Princeton University
  • Louis Nelson

    Discipline: Architectural History Associate Professor, Architectural History University of Virginia
  • Brenton Peterson

    Discipline: Architectural History Teaching Assistant
  • J. Timmons Roberts

    Discipline: Environmental Studies, Sociology Ittleson Professor of Environmental Studies and Sociology; Director, Center for Environmental Studies Brown University
  • Todd Shank

    Discipline: Commerce Associate Professor of Finance University of South Florida/St. Petersburg
  • Jonathan Shannon

    Discipline: Anthropology Associate Professor of Anthropology Hunter College, The City University of New York
  • Tyler Jo Smith

    Discipline: Archaeology, Art History Associate Professor, Classical Art and Archaeology University of Virginia
  • Melissa Thomas-Hunt

    Discipline: Commerce Associate Professor, Darden School of Business University of Virginia
  • Siva Vaidhyanathan

    Discipline: Media Studies Robertson Endowed Professorship in Media Studies University of Virginia
  • Denise Walsh

    Discipline: Media Studies Associate Professor, Department of Politics and Women, Gender and Sexuality (WGS) University of Virginia
  • Melissa White

    Discipline: Media Studies Teaching Assistant
  • Dave Woody

    Discipline: Studio Art Instructor, McIntire Department of Art; First Place Award and Commission, Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery (2009) University of Virginia
  • Marc Zimmer

    Discipline: Chemistry Professor Connecticut College
  • Wendy Zomparelli

    Discipline: English Writing Novelist. President and Publisher The Roanoke Times (2000-2007)


Interport Lecturers and Special Guests