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Semester at Sea equips students with the global understanding necessary to become prepared future leaders and global citizens. Our academic program, offered in academic partnership with Colorado State University, integrates comparative experiential study, interdisciplinary coursework, and relevant field classes in multiple countries.

As of June 1, 2016, Colorado State University will become the new academic partner for Semester at Sea. The Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 voyages will be the final two voyages through which students will receive University of Virginia course credit. The Fall 2016 voyage will be the first voyage through which students will receive Colorado State University course credit. For more information, visit:

University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan

University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan

Isolationism and insularity are no longer possible in a world that author Thomas Friedman famously deemed flat. Population changes in other parts of the planet have a direct effect on our nation because of the realities of our global era: the interconnectedness of economies, environmental effects of human activity around the world, limited natural resources, and realignments of political power that stem from global population growth and decline.