Frequently Offered Courses

Semester at Sea offers three-credit courses across a wide range of disciplines.

Semester at Sea Courses

Semester at Sea offers three-credit courses across a wide range of disciplines. Course syllabi reflect the expertise of the faculty members and the voyage itinerary. Many of the Semester at Sea courses listed below are offered on every voyage. Typically, one-third of the courses are lower-division and two-thirds are upper-division. For more information on these courses, go to catalog.colostate.edu.

A look into what’s included:
  • Each voyage offers 45–50 course sections selected from our Frequently Offered Course list
  • Each voyage offers about 25 additional courses based on the itinerary and special faculty
  • Courses in bold are offered every voyage (contingent upon faculty availability)
  • Voyage-specific course offerings are posted 12–9 months prior to the program start date


Subject AreaLower Division Courses
(100-200 Level)
Upper Division Courses
(300-400 Level)
Business• Business EthicsMarketing
International Marketing
• International Business Management
• Social and Sustainable Venturing and/or Principles of Entrepreneurship
• Contemporary Management Practices
• Leadership and Social Responsibility and/or Leading High-Performance Teams
• Buyer Behavior and/or Services Marketing
Communication, Journalism, and Media Studies• Media in SocietyIntercultural Communication
• Journalism, Peace, & War
• Feature Writing
• Digital Documentary
• Photography
• Intermediate Creative Writing
• Mass Communication
Political Science, Economics, and History International Relations
• U.S. Foreign Relations
• Asian Civilizations
• Principles of Microeconomics and/or Principles of Macroeconomics
• Comparative Economic Systems and/or Economic Development
• Comparative Government & Politics
• Globalization, Sustainability, & Justice
• U.S.-China Relations since 1800*
• Pacific Wars: Korea and Vietnam
Literatures and Languages• Reading Without Borders
• 1st Year Spanish**
• World Drama
• Modern Women Writers
• Literature of the Earth and/or Critical Studies of Popular Texts
Environment and HealthOceanography
• Global Environmental Systems
• Survey of Human Nutrition
Biological Diversity and/or Coastal Environmental Ecology
Performing and Visual Arts• Exploring World Music
• Introduction to Theatre
• Soundscapes as Human Practice
• Global Encounters in Art
• Seminar in Art History
• Global Theater
Psychology and Human Development• Individual and Family Development and/or General PsychologyAbnormal Psychology, Social Psychology, and/or
• Psychology of Human Sexuality

• Special Topics in Psychology
Children & Youth in Global Context
Religion and PhilosophyReligions of the East and/or Religions of the West***
• Introduction to Ethics
• Topics in Comparative Religions
• Meaning & Truth in Religion
Society and CultureGlobal Studies
World Interdependence: Current Global Issues
• Introductory Cultural Anthropology
• Introduction to Women’s Studies
• Social Problems
• Cultural Geography
• Gender and Society and/or Women in Development
• Cultural Change or Social Change
Tourism and Hospitality• Principles of Natural Resource Tourism• Food & Society
• International Issues in Recreation & Tourism
*on voyages including China
**on voyages including Spanish-speaking countries
***dependent on the itinerary