Voyage Blog: Spring 2015

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    Carnegie Fellow Professor Completes Third Semester at Sea Voyage

    Semester after semester, students walk away from their voyage forever changed; changed on how they see the world, how they prioritize and view their education, and ideas of how to […]

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    Faces of Spring 2015

    This past week the Spring 2015 voyage disembarked in Southampton, England, completing a voyage around the world in 112 days. As students return home, it is time to reflect on […]

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    Sociology of the Family in Namibia

    A primary goal of the Sociology of the Family course was for us to understand the origins and definitions of family and marriage, and to recognize the similarities and differences […]

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    Students Develop Ideas for Social Change through the Resolution Social Venture Challenge

    As the Spring 2015 voyage comes to a close, students have gained an invaluable global perspective and a desire to create impact for social good, but how can students take […]

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    Celebrating Passover in Namibia

    Passover is the time of year when people of Jewish faith from all corners of the world retell the history of the Jewish Exodus from Egypt. The story signifies the […]

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    IMPACT Scholars Reflect on the Spring 2015 Voyage

    IMPACT programs are intended to promote service and interaction between the shipboard community and local organizations, such as orphanages, universities, and non-profits. During the Spring 2015 Voyage, six IMPACT scholars […]

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    Discovering One for One with TOMS Shoes

    TOMS is an internationally known company. Best known for its shoes, the company also sells eyewear, coffee and bags, promising to help a person in need through its One for […]

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    We Help Ourselves and Each Other – A Visit to Mondesa Township

    Several field programs from the Spring 2015 Voyage had the opportunity to visit the Mondesa township located just to the northeast of Swakopmund, Namibia. The township offered students a chance […]


    A Visit to Hostel 33

    Although a large amount of the Spring 2015 voyage has been spent traveling throughout Asia, our class’ main focus, New Scramble for Africa, has always been about the development of […]

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    Discovering Water

    Water is recognizably a necessity for all, though globally we lack equal access to this resource. My desire is to one day work on ground water treatment and distribution internationally […]

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    Learning to Forgive: Lessons from South Africa

    Apartheid was a South African system of legalized racial discrimination that ended in 1994, when Nelson Mandela was elected president and subsequently established a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. In this […]

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    Exploring the Bottom of Pyramid Markets in South Africa

    On the final day the MV Explorer was docked in Cape Town, South Africa professor Susan Muller took her class to visit the vibrant nearby townships. During this rare field […]

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    Popular Music of Cape Town

    For Spring 2015 voyagers, the MV Explorer’s arrival in South Africa coincided with the Cape Town International Jazz Festival. As a part of their field lab, Students in professor Erik […]

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