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10 Reasons You Should Study Abroad with Semester at Sea this Fall

College is one of the most important and life changing points in your life and spending a semester abroad can be the ultimate way to make the most of your time in school. Each year more than 300,000 U.S. students study abroad. There are countless benefits to studying abroad such as gaining a global education, exploring personal development, increasing cross-cultural skills, preparing for the global marketplace, and developing a global perspective. Here are 10 reasons you should study abroad this fall with Semester at Sea!


1. See the world

105 days, 12 countries, 12 cities, and 2 continents. Where else can you see this many countries in one semester? Embark on a journey to see the Taj Mahal in India, climb the steps of the Great Wall in China, cruise down the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, or explore the breathtaking Petra in Jordan. With Semester at Sea, you don’t have to choose just one place, you’ll get to see a multitude countries and continents, all while earning college credit.



2. Gain a World Class Education

Take classes with internationally known professors who not only teach on ship but also bring their classes alive in country. Don’t just learn about world history in a classroom, learn about it at the Parthenon in Greece. Choose between 70 to 72 classes and 20 to 25 different academic disciplines.




3.  Make Lifelong Friends

What better way is there to make life long friendships then sailing on a ship around the world together? The experiences you all will share will create one of a kind connections that will last a lifetime. Meet new people both on and off the MV World Odyssey who share your love for travel. You’ll come home with friendships from all over the world that will help forever forge your wanderlust!



 4. Create Global Awareness

There is only so much you can learn in a classroom. If you want to dive deep into what you’re learning, you will need to get out in the world and experience it first hand. We now live in a globalized world where we share cultures with other countries throughout the world. By traveling and meeting people in foreign countries you will gain a global awareness that will help you broaden your perspective and become a more compassionate and understanding person.



 5. Stand Out Professionally

Studies show that 25% of hiring professionals believe that students who study abroad are better at adapting to their environments, which in turn will allow them to better understand global businesses. Studying abroad is such a unique experience that will instantly catch an employer’s eye as they will see that you are a risk-taker, a problem solver, and you thrive in multi-cultural environments.



6. Grow Personally

What better way is there to grow personally then putting yourself out of your comfort zone while traveling the world with new people? You will have the chance to practice your self-reliance in foreign countries while navigating language barriers and cultural differences. An experience like Semester at Sea will allow you to become a more adaptable and flexible person while you confront the unknown.



7. Live on a the coolest floating college.

Studying with Semester at Sea will give you a once in a lifetime chance to spend several months living on a ship. Our floating college is large enough to host classes, student life activities, and seminars, yet it is small enough to feel like a home. There are seven decks to work, study, and play. Participate in sunrise yoga, have lunch with your professors, go whale watching between classes, study to the sound of waves, all while feeling the comforts of a home campus.



8. Try Out New Interests

Is there something that you have been interested in for a long time such as surfing, zip-lining, yoga, or even learning a new language? Sure you can fulfill some of these interests at your home campus, but with a study abroad program you are already forced out of your comfort zone and are much are likely to take risks and have opportunities to try out those interests. Every day on Semester at Sea is an opportunity to find new passions, whether it be in field programs, the classroom, in-country travel, or student life activities on the ship.



9. Practice Flexibility

Semester at Sea is a great place to practice our favorite F word, flexibility. Life is all about flexibility and when it comes to employers this is especially true. During your voyage practice your go-with-the-flow skills while sailing in a supporting community of world travelers. Who knows, maybe Plan B or Plan C can be just as fulfilling or even more fulfilling than Plan A.



10. Enhance your Network

It takes a unique type of person to choose a study abroad program like Semester at Sea. More likely than not, your shipboard community will have many traits in common with you while also presenting you will new opportunities that can alter your career or personal journey for the better. Networking with students, Lifelong Learners, professors, and other ship staff can lead you to learning about opportunities would otherwise would have not known.



The World Is Your Campus. What are you waiting for?


 We’re currently accepting applications for the Fall 2022 Voyage!



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