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Voyage Label: Spring 2016

  • Conservation Biology

    This course reviews the drivers of global environmental change (human population growth and consumption of resources), resulting environmental degradation, and tools to slow down or address environmental damage. The course […]

  • Global Music (Section 1)

    The study of global music is never a benign act; no matter how we attempt to be objective, when we are studying the music of any culture we are always […]

  • World Prayer

    “The soul in paraphrase, heart in pilgrimage . . . The milky way, the bird of Paradise Church-bells beyond the stars heard, the soul’s blood, The land of spices, something […]

  • Popular Music

    This course will start by asking: What defines popular music? What influences it? Where is it rooted? And how do we listen to it? As we answer these questions, we […]

  • International Public Policy

    This course examines how public problems are defined, how different policy solutions are crafted, and the ways in which we judge their effec­tiveness in the U.S. and around the world. […]

  • Comparative Politics

    This course will introduce students to the basic concepts and theories employed in the comparative study of politics and regimes. We will identify, compare, and analyze the core cultures, the […]

  • Introduction to Public Health

    This course introduces students to Public Health as a population-based approach to preventing disease and prolonging human health through community action.  An emphasis will be made on how public health knowledge […]

  • International Trade Law

    This course introduces students to the role of law in the regulation of international trade.  What are the “rules of the road” governments must follow in regulating imported goods?  Where […]

  • International Marketing (Section 1)

    The International Marketing course examines a firm’s approach to marketing decisions as influenced by the global environment. We discuss theories and frameworks that can guide a firm conducting international marketing, […]

  • International Business

    The course will examine international business from two perspectives: (1) The changing nature of international business as a result of recent evolution of globalization; (2) Business analysis and strategies for […]

  • Women’s World Literature

    This course will draw on a diverse and rich array of twenty and twenty-first century fiction written by women around the world. We will explore and compare their representations of […]

  • Contemporary World Literature

    In our own time, the global reach of communications has created tensions between the relative stasis of traditional life patterns, and the fluidity of modern life experience. This course will study twenty […]

  • Global Business Ethics (Section 1)

    This is a course in practical ethics that will be equally accessible to business students and students of philosophy. We will build on the foundations of moral philosophy to address the moral […]

  • Emerging Markets

    The objective of this course is to give students a strategic vision of the Global Emerging Market. At the same time, this course has to give students an understanding of […]

  • Travel Writing (Section 1)

    This class will be a platform to help launch your writing about your travel experiences on Semester at Sea, while deepening your critical thinking about travel and your ability to […]

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