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Voyage Label: Spring 2017

  • Seminar: Biological Anthropology (Focus: Global Health) [CRN 28639]

    Globalization has had both beneficial and harmful effects on human health whether examining developing countries or developed regions of the world. Ecological, biological, and economic, political, and social settings have […]

  • Documentary Film as a Liberal Art [CRN 27476] [27477 Lab]

    Students will view and analyze documentary films to sharpen their critical assessment of how individuals, cultures, and events are depicted in these programs. The course will use documentary film as […]

  • Retailing [CRN 27480]

    Retailing involves the sale of products and services to customers. In the global marketplace, retailers are no longer constrained to a single country or format as they seek to expand […]

  • Interpersonal Communication Skills [CRN 27478]

    The course design is to help students become more aware of the processes and dynamics of interpersonal communication in a variety of cultural/global contexts. A mentor of mine at the […]

  • Intercultural Communication [CRN 27479]

    You have likely heard phrases such as “global diversity” and “international/intercultural communication” discussed at work, school, or even on the evening news. In an ever-increasing global and technological world, diversity […]

  • Issues in Environmental Economics [CRN 27335]

    This course examines economic issues in the consumption, allocation, and management of environmental resources. Students will learn the economic principles behind the management of the environment. In particular, we will apply the […]

  • Contemporary Environmental Issues [CRN 27406]

    The influence of human activities and societies are reshaping the ecological systems of the globe.  Some changes are intentional, including conversion of wildland ecosystems into agricultural ecosystems to feed billions […]

  • Food and Society [CRN 27402 Course] [CRN 27405 Recitation]

    Food and Society examines the social and cultural impacts of the production, distribution, and consumption of food internationally. We will learn how food practices are impacted by politics, culture, and […]

  • International Issues — Recreation and Tourism [CRN 27387]

    Since United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), also known as the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit or Rio 92’, international tourism development efforts at local, regional and national levels have […]

  • Social and Sustainable Venturing (Section 2) [CRN 27379]

    Social and Sustainable Venturing examines the innovative power of entrepreneurship to solve global social and environmental challenges.  This course explores the theories, concepts, and tools relevant to identifying opportunities and […]

  • Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship [CRN 27374]

    In this course, entrepreneurship is approached as a way of thinking and acting that can be learned as well as a cultural value that influences national laws and institutions. Structured […]

  • Social and Sustainable Venturing (Section 1) [CRN 27378]

    Global social and environmental trends represent pressing concerns for the future health of the Earth and its diversity of species. The structure and incentives in the current global political-economic system […]

  • International Business Management [CRN 27388]

    Effective leadership in an increasingly interdependent world requires a heightened consciousness of the influence of globalization.  Globalization – enabled particularly by continual advances in communications and transportation technologies – impacts […]

  • Human Origins and Variation [CRN 27333]

    This survey course is designed to introduce you to the methods, key concepts, data, and theory employed by anthropologists as they explore the following questions:  1) what is the range […]

  • Social Stratification [CRN 27414]

    Social stratification is central to the organization of human culture and is a fundamental aspect of most social processes. A person’s position in the stratification system is a predictor of […]

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