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Voyage Label: Fall 2016

  • Dr. Giancarlo Marcone Flores

    Giancarlo Marcone is a Peruvian anthropologist/archeologist, with a PhD from The University of Pittsburgh. His work is based principally in the study of long trajectories of human development in the Peruvian […]

  • Alex Obed

    Alex comes to S.A.S. with over two decades of experience in education. He earned his Bachelor’s in Psychology at the University of Florida. The year following his graduation, he moved […]

  • Tim Lade

    Tim Lade is the Residence Life Coordinator and Acting Director of Residence Services at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Tim has spent his career working with students and student leaders […]

  • Andy Hester

    James Hester was born in Fort Collins, Colorado. He is a National Merit Scholar recently graduated from Barrett the Honors College at Arizona State University where he studied Supply Chain […]

  • D. Tobiassen Baitinger

    D. Tobiassen Baitinger is Associate Registrar at Colorado State University. D. works directly with students assisting with all aspects of the academic experience from course registration to degree conferral.  D. […]

  • Dr. Leah Brown

    Known for riveting operatic and concert performances over the past thirty years, Leah Brown’s dramatic mezzo could be heard most recently singing the roles of Giovanna in Opera Vivente’s Rigoletto, […]

  • Derek Murakami

    Derek Murakami will serve as a Resident Director on the Fall 2016 Voyage! Born and raised in Southern California, Derek moved to Colorado to earn his bachelor’s degree in Social […]

  • Experiencing Calypso: Traditional & Contemporary Storytellers in Trinidad

    Students will engage in a cultural tour of the island of Trinidad.  Students will participate in a workshop with Trinidadian Calypso storytellers and hear examples of storytelling in the Caribbean […]

  • Where It All Started: The Origins of Western Theatre

    The Field Class in Athens, Greece will explore one of the oldest Theatres of Dionysius, “Eleuthereus”, considered to be the first theatre structure in the world dating back to the […]

  • Culture, Nation, and Identity

    This field class will examine the impact of nationality on other aspects of identity, including gender, age, and ethnicity. By interacting with Greek students and meeting with representatives of an […]

  • Exploring Trinidadian Identity and Culture

    Our field class will examine issues of diversity in Trinidad, including race, class, gender, and sexual orientation and how they are socially constructed in the local context. We will do […]

  • Reducing FGC in Senegal: The Tostan Way

    The successful women’s human rights NGO, Tostan (, is headquartered in Dakar, Senegal, and concentrates on women’s empowerment programs with regard to FGC FGC, Child marriage, economics, education, and governance […]

  • Gender, the Family, and the State

    Contemporary Western/affluent industrialized nations increasingly feature low-income single mothers with children, a family pattern that might seem to stem from personal troubles and/or individual choices, but have their roots in […]

  • Interpersonal Connections in Morocco

    Students will have the opportunity for in-depth discussions with young people from Morocco.  Questions will be accumulated in class related to cross-cultural contexts for understanding social interaction, socialization, social norms, […]

  • Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood in Trinidad & Tobago

    At the University of the West Indies, PSY465 students will interact with local young people and faculty to learn about many aspects of life in Trinidad & Tobago, focusing on […]

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