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Voyage Label: Spring 2021

  • Linda Scott

    Linda Scott is a Clinical Psychologist, who recently retired from a career in college counseling.  Dr Scott served as the Interim Co-Director at the Center for Counseling and Psychological Health […]

  • Andrew Brimhall

    When not at sea, Andrew is a staff psychologist at Colorado State University’s Health Network where he provides mental health counseling to CSU students. He also works as a an […]

  • Cristina Flores

    Cristina uses the pronouns she/her/hers/ella, and is excited to be a part of the Semester at Sea Spring 2021 team! Cristina grew up in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and now […]

  • Slavery in the Americas

    The “peculiar institution” of slavery has greatly influenced the history and development of all of the Americas. That influence is widely felt today throughout, but especially in several of the […]

  • Revolutions in Latin America

    Revolutions are defined as relatively rapid and deep attempts to radically alter the nature of a region or country. They differ dramatically from liberal or merely progressive reforms in that […]

  • Ireland: Culture, Politics, Society and Nation

    The island of Ireland, roughly only the size of the American state of Maine, and with a population of just over six million, has had a disproportionate influence on the […]

  • Studies in Foreign Film: Global

    Cinema offers a unique window onto another culture, and Semester at Sea offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience first-hand what we are studying in class. In this course we will […]

  • Allie McGrimley

    Ever since disembarking the MV Explorer at the end of her Fall 2009 voyage, Allie McGrimley has dreamt of returning to work for Semester at Sea. Her experience during her semester abroad […]

  • Heather Matthews

    Heather Matthews has been working as an advisor at Colorado State University since 2007. She loves working with students to build community, build confidence, build their networks, and make meaning […]

  • Food as Medicine

    “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates In this course, we will explore the function of food consumption patterns, individual foods, and specific food constituents […]

  • Health and Wellness (Section 2)

    This course will enable students to develop a foundational understanding of the dimensions of health and wellness including physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual, as well as the lifestyle behaviors […]

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