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A Few Closing Thoughts From M11

As the MV Explorer nears Nassau, a few voyagers share their most indelible memories from the first short-term voyage of Semester at Sea.

Mary Richards, Ames, Iowa

Lifelong Learner

“Walking down a village street in Las Mangas, Honduras, at daybreak with the roosters, pigs and horses. We felt really a part of that village.”

Tomena Scholze, Florida Institute of Technology

“In Las Mangas, a tree had knocked out the electricity for a couple of weeks. Our entire group pushed the tables together and we sat in the dark playing ice-breaker games. I don’t speak hardly any Spanish, but we can all sit down and have a good time.”

Kaitlin Hartley, Western Kentucky University

“Gales Point [Belize], the people, the remote location. I enjoyed buying the crafts because I knew they were made there. That’s what I spent all my money on. We saved our money to support them.”

Kristen Wallis, Elizabethtown College

“My class. I was in ‘Real Communities, Real Problems, Real Solutions,’ and I learned so much about myself and about leadership through the teaching and reflection.”

Kyle Sunderlin, Western Kentucky University

“This is the most unique and amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. The people were incredible.”

Devlin Reardon, Christopher Newport University

“On one of my FDPs, in Guatemala, we visited a Mayan village and we played soccer with the kids at the school. And I had some of the best food I ever had.”

Kandis Pogoda, California State University-Long Beach

“I’ll remember all the people I’ve met, whether locals or people on the ship. Facebook!”

Evan Brock, Wheelock College

Going to the Emberá Village in Panama and getting to see the people, what their homes are like, playing with the kids, eating local food. Just the experience of it.”


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