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All About Student Assistant Grants

FA19 student assistants on Panama Canal sail day!

Today is the deadline for Fall 2022 Voyagers to apply for a Student Assistant grant worth $4,000! Student assistants are expected to work two hours a day while at sea. This option is perfect for students seeking not only financial aid but a way to be more involved with the shipboard community. A variety of positions are available on board such as Social Media Assistant, Field Office Student Assistant, Dependent Child Student Assistant, and more! Students are eligible for one position per semester and can find the application on the Semester at Sea website.

Melissa Moore, a Fall 2019 Voyager, sailed as a Student Life assistant and the position gave her some of the most memorable moments from her voyage.

FA19 student life assistant team with Melissa pictured in center.

I applied for the position not only for the scholarship, but also as a way to connect with so many other students right from the beginning of the voyage. I had sailed before and knew that at sea days had plenty of time for classes, any assignments, and working as a student assistant while still having time for all of the other fun activities that were taking place on board! As a student life assistant I helped to plan community development programming and skill building workshops for the gap year students, co-organize ship wide events, and held office hours where I would assist the amazing RDs with upcoming assignments. I would highly recommend any student position to someone looking to sail with SAS! It is a great way to get to know some of your classmates and staculty members better.

Katie Purvis, a Spring 2022 Voyager, was also a student life assistant. Katie decided to apply for the grant because she previously was a residential assistant at her home university and had an interest in holding a student leadership role while on Semester at Sea.

Katie Purvis in the student life office with the other student assistants on the SP22 Voyage.

I’ve had a great experience as a student life assistant. I’ve gotten to organize events like open mic nights and help out with Pillars of Hercules (our version of Neptune Day). Some of my favorite memories from my voyage are the hours I spent in the student life office with the other student assistants

Andrea Gallier, a Spring 2016 Voyager, loved her experience as a student assistant and highly recommends applying to everyone!

Andrea Gallier posing in front of the World MV Odyssey

Working as a student assistant was such a unique and rewarding experience! It was awesome to get to know some of the staff and to get to work on the ship a few hours a day while covering some of my SAS costs. I would definitely recommend it to any prospective SASers.

Some students also seek career growth and experience when becoming a student assistant. One example can be for a student who is pursuing a communications major. They may be interested in one of the several communications positions available such as the Social Media assistant.

There are many options when it comes to planning your upcoming Semester at Sea Voyage. Have a look at the student assistant grants and see if any spark your interest. Whether your motivation is to help fund your voyage costs, immerse in the shipboard community, build your resume, gain experience or all of the above, student assistant grants are a great tool.

The deadline for applying to a student assistant grant for the Fall 2022 Voyage is May 18, 2022.

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