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Buy Countries, Win the Sea Olympics, and Avoid Dock Time with SASopoly

In honor of its 50th anniversary, Semester at Sea has released a limited edition of SASopoly, a customized version of the classic Monopoly game with all of your favorite aspects of SAS. Purchase countries, exchange currency from different countries, and do your best to avoid dock time in this fun-filled game of Semester at Sea adventure!

2014 Reunion Voyage participants get their game faces on for a round of SASopoly.
SASopoly features currency of many of the countries visited by Semester at Sea over the past fifty years including Vietnamese Dong, Ghanian Cedi, South African Rand, the Euro and more!
All of SASopoly’s game pieces were custom created for Semester at Sea including a globe, a compass, the SAS logo, a life preserver, King Neptune and the MV Explorer!
During the 2014 Reunion Voyage alumni participate in a SASopoly tournament with the grand prize being a brand new game board.
King Neptune sits on the equator as the players pass 0° 0° (Go) on their way around the world.
The game play quickly gets hectic as dice are rolled, currency is exchanged, and bartering begins.
Uh oh… Nobody wants dock time…
In SASopoly each property is one of the many countries the ship have visited over the past 50 years! Collect a world region to complete a monopoly.
Each playing card has been customized for Semester at Sea with illustrations of experiences from voyages. This card shows a the tradition of the Sea Olympics and tug-of-war.
SASopoly is available in the campus store on board the MV Explorer as well as on the SAS 50th Anniversary online store.

We’re running out of this limited edition 50th anniversary SASopoly game! Order yours today from the SAS 50th Anniversary Online Store:

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