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Celebrating Fifty Years of Impact: History Lane

As part of Semester at Sea’s¬†50th Anniversary Celebration, photography and archival exhibits are on display throughout the halls of the MV Explorer.¬†”History Lane,” installed on deck 6, features historic artifacts and depicts the unique nature of SAS as a floating, living-learning community. Multiple¬†”Then and Now” photography exhibits showcase scenes from the first voyage and from today’s voyages, illustrating the similarities and differences of the program since 1963.

Students¬†walk along Deck 6 where the newly installed History Lane showcases artifacts and memorabilia from Semester at Sea’s first 50 years.
These metal cabin keys used on the MS Seven Seas differ greatly from the plastic ID cards currently used by students today.
Student Anthony Jones of Ohio University walks by the 50th display commemorating the maiden voyage of Semester at Sea, then known as the University of the Seven Seas, as it departed from the New York harbor. The MS Seven Seas floating campus circumnavigated the globe, traveling 21,678 nautical miles and stopping at 22 ports.
Student enjoy a game of cards next to one of many Then and Now displays that have been installed throughout the ship. This display featuring Shipboard Life reflects the fact that students still enjoy similar activities 50 years later.
Semester at Sea students have always been proud to sport their SAS gear, such as this cap from the S.S. Universe.
This is an original catalog from 1963 outlining the university, courses, mission and ports of call.
Throughout the halls of the MV Explorer, many historical photos from the inaugural 1963 voyage are displayed to help connect current students to the experiences of those who came before them.
This line from “Off to Sea-The World,” the Alma Mater of Semester at Sea by John M. Rosenburg, demonstrates the lasting impact that students still experience today.
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