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Competition on the High Seas

Eight seas showed their colors and team spirit in the recent Spring 2014 50th Anniversary Voyage Sea Olympics. It was a test of mind, muscle, endurance, coordination, skill, creativity, and silliness with activities such as the backwards spelling bee, tug-of-war, Eastern toilet squat, basketball, banner design, twister, and lip synch. The MV Explorer was alive with the fervor of competition as the seas clashed, splashed, and cheered their way to a final victor. The Bering Sea came out as the overall winner of the Olympics and won not only bragging rights, but also the first departure slot from the ship when the voyage ends in Southampton on May 2nd.

Bering Sea team members Sarah Miller, from the University of Rhode Island, and Mary Clapp, from the University of California Davis, “bare” their arms, a riff off of their slogan “A Right To Bear Arms,” as they dance during the routine that won them first place in the 2014 Sea Olympics cheer competition. As the first event to follow the opening ceremonies, each of the seven seas performed a 2 minute set of original choreography that would be judged on content, creativity, and enthusiasm.
University of Tennessee student Annie Blackwood bleeds Bering Sea blue as she shows her team spirit during the 2014 Sea Olympics Opening Ceremonies.
Capturing the attention of judges and spectators alike, the Caribbean Sea reaches new heights as College of Charleston student Graham Edwards leaps over his fellow teammates during their pirate themed cheer routine.
Participants in the water balloon toss tune out the roaring crowd as they focus on staying dry amidst passing their fragile packages to respective teammates across the deck.
Christopher Torres from the University of Oklahoma shows his strength as he represents the Mediterranean Sea during a pull-up competition judged by Professor Greg Seib. Each participant, one male and one female from each team, had to complete as many pull-ups as possible within a 3-minute window.
Mediterranean Sea member Selina Anderson from California Lutheran University narrowly avoids both the bar above and floor below during a competitive game of limbo.
During a crucial moment of an epic dodgeball battle, Chapman University student Spencer Jordan, sporting Mediterranean Sea red, seeks out his next target with hopes to lead his team to victory.
Niagara University student Marissa Doessinger raises her arms as fellow Arabian Sea teammates work quickly to help suit her up for her turn in the wet jumpsuit relay. All five participants from each sea complete one lap across the pool while fully dressed in the soggy jumpsuit before passing it off to the swimmer next in line, racing to be the sea that finishes in the shortest amount of time.
University of San Diego student Mackenzie Martin passes a hula hoop to fellow Adriatic Sea teammate Emily Andrada as they race to send the hula hoop around the circle of ten without unlocking their hands.
The Arabian Sea synchronized swimming team finishes strong as they proudly raise a SAS flag at the end of their original aquatic routine. Each sea put together a performance of four minutes or under to be judged on artistry, synchronicity, use of space, creativity, and technical difficulty.
Onlooking spectators crowd on the pool deck to cheer for their seas during the popular synchronized swimming event.
Resident director Ezra Plank works on a 2014 Sea Olympics banner in the middle of Tymitz Square which served as a central hub for for teams to display their flags and check for event times and locations throughout the day.


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