Spring 2023

DM 360 Retailing [CRN 20992]

Overview of Course

Retailing involves the sale of goods and services to customers and end-consumers. In the global marketplace, retailers are no longer constrained to a single country or standard, as they seek to reach new customers and grow. In this course, we will explore multiple facets of retailing, with an emphasis on how retailing is shaped by social constructs and cultures in our ports of call. Standard retail formats will be examined, analyzed, compared, and contrasted. Our ports of call offer opportunities for exploring thriving marketplaces: examples might include…vending machines in Japan, luxury goods retailing in Hong Kong, street and open-air markets in Vietnam, second-hand retailing in India, and tourism retailing across all port visits. Basic retailing concepts and practices, such as retail strategy, supply chain management, customer buying behavior, merchandise management, and technological influences for multi-channel retail formats will be explored.

This course is also offered as MKT 360 through the CSU Department of Marketing.