Spring 2024 | Asia, Africa, and Europe Exploration

ECON 340 Introduction-Economics of Natural Resources [CRN 22332]

Overview of Course

The tools learned in the principles of economics are applied to a diverse set of natural resource issues and policies including: forestry, mining, oil and gas, marine resources, climate change, wildlife, biodiversity, agriculture, water, land and recreation. In examining these issues, students will become better acquainted with resource economics models and decision-making, market and government failure, externalities and public goods, applied welfare analysis and multi-generational economic problems. In the context of the Spring 2024 SAS voyage, students discussions, assignments and field trips will include natural capital dependence of developing and emerging economies, the so-called “Dutch disease,” and special emphasis on the role of tourism and UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites in nature- and culture- based economic development.

This course is also offered as AREC 340 through the CSU Department of Economics.