Fall 2024: European, African, and Asian Adventure

HDFS 201 Perspectives in Gerontology [CRN 76877]

Overview of Course

This course examines global perspectives on older adulthood, using the works of various international scholars specializing in the field of gerontology. Stereotypes will be discussed, case studies will be dissected, and myths about aging will be debunked, based on a wide range of cultures around the world. As more and more baby boomers grow older and may require long-term care, it is crucial that professionals, both within the field of geriatrics and outside of it, learn about the variety of needs that these populations may possess. Some topics that will be considered include: elder abuse, financial exploitation, technology, social media, and caregiving issues, such as grandparents taking care of grandchildren. Also, how to begin a career in gerontology will be explored. Learners will create service projects to assist older adults in the regions on the voyage itinerary during the Fall 2024 Semester at Sea program.