Spring 2023

IE 270 World Interdependence-Population and Food [CRN 21031]

Overview of Course

The world is producing more food than ever, but a billion people are underfed. Finding food for a growing world population offers an opportunity to understand both the challenges and potential solutions in a global context. This course explores the patterns and causes of change in worldwide population and food; the principles underlying food production; urbanization, migration, and transition; cultural pluralism; and world economic interdependence as it shapes these issues.

Through current readings and case studies, students will compare and contrast cultural differences in farming systems, food security and insecurity, politics and policies, food loss and waste, and environmental and economic issues in various countries.

Semester at Sea provides the unique opportunity to view food practices first-hand while evaluating the trends across various societies. Students will examine the sustainability of agriculture, wildlife, fisheries, livestock, soil, and water in the countries we visit, the pros and cons of technology and biotechnology, and the economic implications of hunger. Ultimately, students will form their own worldview along with ideas for making a difference.

This class is also offered as AGRI 270 through the CSU College of Agricultural Sciences.